Spotify now available on PlayStation 4

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Image: camknows on Flickr

Image: camknows on Flickr

Popular music streaming service Spotify has become available on PlayStation devices replacing Sony’s previous Music Unlimited service. Officially titled PlayStation Music, the service allows PS3 and PS4 owners to use their TV’s speakers to play music without needing to connect a laptop. Subscribers of the now obsolete Music Unlimited have been offered two months free on Spotify Premium.

Spotify on the PS4 runs smoothly as a background application, allowing users to play games normally while listening to their favorite music. Games not heavily dependent on cutscenes or dialogue profit heavily from this new feature. Ubisoft arcade racer The Crew, FIFA or even Minecraft can gain plenty from a healthy dose of good music.

Furthermore, Spotify does not override in-game sound. The updated menu offers users the ability to quickly raise or lower music volume, to switch song or to pause, all without needing to open the spotify application. While some games pause while in the home menu or in another application, others do not. Therefore, switching song or playlist is not always convenient, depending on the game you are playing.

However, Spotify will allow you to log in to your account via your phone or tablet, assuming they are connected to the same local network as your PlayStation. In this case, your phone or tablet not only serves as your log in, it also becomes a remote control to your music.

Sadly, offline mode, offered on pc and mobile is not supported on PSN. A stable internet connection is essential, but given the PS4s reliance on the internet will most likely not be an issue for most users. Otherwise, a laptop or phone may be an option. Alternatively, you could always buy your music and listen to it at your convenience.

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