Constantine president temporarily suspended by vote of no confidence

Usman Khan, the first president of Constantine College has been temporarily suspended from his role.

Sam Price, Constantine College Vice-President revealed the news this evening following a vote of no confidence submitted to him against Khan by members of the college.

Price delivered the news in a Facebook status: “As many of you know, a vote of no confidence against the President of the CSA was submitted to me. In accordance with the CSA Constitution, Usman’s role as President has been suspended.”

He continued: “In these circumstances, my role as Vice-President is to chair the subsequent CSA meeting in which a discussion and vote will take place on “whether to remove the Officer in question from their role and from the Committee” (para 7.4.4). Had I put my signature forward to the vote of no confidence I would not be allowed to take this role; however, I have remained completely impartial on the matter as I expected that, if it was to be submitted, it would come to me to handle.”

Price confirmed that the vote of no confidence followed the procedures set out by the Constantine College constitution, and that senior staff members had been consulted, explaining that he had “sought advice from members of the College team, YUSU and senior members of the University following the concerns some people have made regarding the legitimacy of the process and about whether there has been or may be any form of harassment regarding this situation.”

The news follows an email dated 13 March and sent out to several members of Constantine College Members encouraging them to sign a vote of no confidence against Khan, the college’s current president.

It is understood that the email was sent to select college members and not the whole college body, however the names of the students that composed the email are yet to be confirmed.

According to the Constantine College constitution on the college’s website, a vote of no confidence can be considered under the condition that a petition signed by five of the college’s committee or fifteen ordinary members is submitted. It also details that the person against which the vote of no confidence has been submitted will be suspended, and cannot undertake any of the duties associated with the role until a Constantine College committee meeting has taken place.

At present, no details of the meeting have been confirmed.