TV Review: The Walking Dead Series 5 Episode 13: ‘Forget’

The characters are facing culture shock on this week’s The Walking Dead. reviews

The Walking Dead Episode 13


This review contains spoilers


House parties, alcohol, cookies and pasta makers. How has the Alexandria community managed to survive this long? Reg’s walls have helped, but they seem to act like they are totally oblivious to the world outside of them. They don’t even have somebody on lookout in their clock tower! They have been extremely lucky not to have just been overrun by another group and, as Rick says, they “just keep getting luckier”, since they now have his group to protect them. That is, if they can prove that they’re strong enough to survive!

Line of the week: We all lost something, but we got something back. It isn’t enough, but it’s something. – Jessie

Where some of the group have begun to settle in (Michonne has literally hung up her sword), others aren’t taking this idyllic lifestyle so well. Most notably is Sasha. I mean, can you really blame her? In this season alone she has had the person she loves be partially eaten by cannibals, only to later die from a walker bite, and more recently she’s had to bury her brother. It’s no wonder that she freaked out when one of the party guests said she was worried about cooking her something she disliked. From the strange look that Deanne gave her after Sasha told her that the whole community wasn’t real, it is clear that a serious conflict is building between the two. If Deanne tries to exile Sasha, I don’t think things will go down too well.

However, this isn’t the only thing that could set Rick’s group and Alexandria at odds. For starters, there’s the whole thing about Sam catching Carol stealing guns. All he wanted was some cookies, but what he got instead was a good view of Carol’s badass side. Her long, drawn-out threat to leave him tied up outside the walls if he ever told anyone was such an intense scene. Carol has already killed Lizzie, a child that she loved dearly, so some random little boy that she has no emotional connection to is easy pickings! Plus, should Sam tell anybody what she was up to, she would have to initiate Rick’s plan of taking over Alexandria. If this happens, plenty of people would have to die, and Carol is pretty sure that her group is strong enough to take down this entire feeble community anyway!

Sam’s mother Jessie is another cause for concern when it comes to conflict breaking out. She’s clearly caught Rick’s eye, and it looks like he’s willing to take her from her husband Pete. When Rick saw them walking together and then grasped onto his gun, you knew that something was about to happen! Is he about to channel his inner Shane and try and kill Pete to take his wife? Or could it be that he is just suspicious of him after that eerie conversation they had when Rick first arrived to Alexandria? It could easily go down either way, but the latter would be much more like the Rick that we know. Yet, as we have seen with Sasha, you can never predict what the culture shock of being thrown back into civilisation will do to someone!


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