Album Review: Darlia – Petals

Darlia are the fresh faces of classic British rock. Ellie Langford reviews

19780 Rating: ★★★★☆

It’s safe to say that Darlia are ones to watch. Their ‘Candyman’ and ‘Knock Knock’ EPs gained them quite the hype, and many have been clamouring for a full taste of what the Blackpool trio have to offer. With eight tracks their brand new mini-album ‘Petals’ contains only one song that has not been previously released and so, in that respect, offers nothing suprising. And yet, the phrase ‘quality over quantity’ fits this release perfectly. These boys are the fresh faces of classic British rock, and ‘Petals’ gives us a taste of something awesome that is yet to come.

The opening track ‘Stars Are Aligned’ swings from held back and tempting, to a full on anthem, and the boys influences are more than clear. Their grungy old school sound and Nathan Day’s raspy vocals are a match made in heaven.

The jubilant chorus and restrained bass of ‘I’ve Never Been To Ohio’ makes it on of the album’s most laid back tracks, and quite the opposite of its successor. The new mix of ‘Queen of Hearts’ is cheeky, energetic and breaks down into one hell of a guitar solo. A good word for this album would be intense, one moment the boys are off-beat and the next they are raising the roof.

Many of the songs on this mini-album show a band ready to fill stadiums and festival main stages, and ‘Candyman’ is a fair example. The killer opening riff, indie-rock versus and massive choruses are infectious and irresistible. The same goes for ‘Dear Diary’ which screams angsty youth and bedroom head-banging.

The only unfamiliar song on this album ‘Say Your Prayers’ opens up broken-down and steady, showing a more intimate side to the young rockers, before building up to a nostalgic rock ballad. This is followed by acoustic versions of their track ‘Pandemonium’ from their Dear Diary EP, and of the previously heard ‘Candyman’. Whilst these do prove Nathan Day sounds incredible even without an electric guitar at his side, they add very little to the album.

A single decade pops up in my head throughout this album – the nineties. There is a strong overtone of Brit Rock, with clear influence from bands such as Blur and Oasis. Nathan’s vocals are oddly reminiscent of Kurt Cobain, and many of the guitar riffs have a Nirvana feel to them. Tracks like ‘Candyman’ sound fresh off the ’10 Things I Hate About You’ soundtrack, and I am pretty sure I heard something Blink 182-ish at one point.

It seems Darlia are joining bands like Royal Blood and Drenge in the revival of all things rock. They have taken the bands they have grown up on and, just as it seems that decade of rock genius has died, it is reborn in young trios like Darlia. I’d keep an eye on these boys if I were you, I see something big coming their way.

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