LFW AW15 Highlights: Zeynap Kartal

Taking inspiration from the magical realm of Narnia, Kartal’s smooth and sophisticated pieces come to life


Kartal transports her audience to a mystical world. Image: Fiona Hill

Majestic dresses influenced by C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. Image: Fiona Hill

Eloquent lace details. Image: Fiona Hill

Gladiator sandals contrast the feminine jumpsuits. Image: Fiona Hill

Militaristic pieces add another element to this fairy tale world. Image: Fiona Hill

Icy turquoise blues play a large role in Kartal's colour palette. Image: Fiona Hill

Zeynep Kartal’s Autumn/Winter catwalk show transported its audience into a wonderful world of the mystical and the enchanted. Influenced by the magical realm of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, the collection presented a battle between light and dark, and goodand evil, as Kartal’s fantasy world spilled through into reality.

The sense of battle was reflected through restrictive and severe silhouettes with clean, tunic effect necklines, excessively long sleeves, and elongated column dresses. Texturised leather gowns and chainmail-effect bodices added a military element to the designs, with many of the pieces reminiscent of body armour.

A touch of femininity was apparent in the collection through sheer, silk panelling, fish-tail detailing and ostrich feather hems. Fitted, full length dresses celebrated the sensual aspects of the female form, as did the daring bodysuits and barely-there embellishments, carried through from her previous collections. Taking references from traditional Turkish embroidery from her hometown, Konya, Kartal’s collection was saturated with beautiful, delicate adornments, a key trend this Autumn/Winter.

Using lurex silk threads, the designer gave her embellishments a modern twist, through innovative placements on translucent, wide leg, organza jumpsuits and wool capes to take you from day to night.

The colour palette consisted of muted tones set against darker hues and metallic shades, including warm neutrals and soft whites. The mystical element of the collection was reflected in icy sea-foam greens, deep midnight blues, and flashes of metallic khaki bronze.

Kartal’s signature style of smooth and sophisticated elegance was certainly not lost in her offering for AW15. Sleek, high necklines gave the pieces a sense of class, while the bold embellishments and metallic waistbands allowed the collection to retain a contemporary feel.

Adding a mystic yet military element to her signature designs, this was an enchanting offering from an assured designer who never fails to bring a touch of opulence to the catwalks of LFW.