Do societies really need merging?

There’s a new trend on the society circuit – merging! Attempts have been made by YUSU in the past to mesh similar societies together, since that might ease the strain on their budgets, make things easier to organize, and stop things like the Taylor Swift Society from existing.

Now, literary societies, like the Looking Glass Anthology and Inklings, have been asked to consider merging. Meanwhile, Ben Lairig and OutdoorSoc were recently pressured into merging: a spokesman for the former claimed “not one single student” asked for the merger, and that both societies had functioned perfectly beforehand.

The diversity of societies in York is a great asset, and one that needs preserving. If societies aren’t claiming too much money from YUSU there’s no harm in keeping them. If YUSU’s workload needs decreasing, maybe committees could be established to join up the opinions of similar societies without wiping away their identities entirely.

As for the Taylor Swift Society, I’m sure they’ll be fine. If anyone knows what to do when the haters gonna hate, it’s them.

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