What The Last Leg told us about Nick Clegg

Politics editor breaks down Nick Clegg’s appearance on The Last Leg in a mildly satirical manner

Image: British High Commission, New Delhi

Image: British High Commission, New Delhi

For a few weeks now Channel 4’s Friday night comedy show has been promising us the showdown to end all showdowns or as Adam Hills put it last night at least one of these guys’ careers. Clegg vs Brooker. Deputy PM vs a man who doesn’t want to vote. Clegg’s challenge was to try and get Alex to vote but Alex wasn’t going to let him get to it that easily.

Clegg is easy going
It’s hard to see how many politicians would have put up with the manner in which Brooker was asking questions last night. Rather than get to the real reason he was there the Last Leg presenter insisted on asking all sorts of revealing – and at times personal- questions. Who did he prefer Cameron or Osbourne? What did he think of Boris Johnson? Clegg put up with these questions for quite a while even admitting that Johnson was more of a twat than a statesman and that sometimes Clegg wanted to hit Cameron. Had Cameron been sat in the same position I’m not sure he would have taken things in such a good mannered way.

Clegg feels guilty for students
Short, sweet and to the point. Clegg still thinks about what he did to us students and it’s rather nice to hear that we are still in his thoughts. Probably haunting him.

Twitter loves Clegg
The response to Clegg’s appearance on Twitter was overwhelmingly positive. A lot of people respected Clegg for going on and facing up to the music and the constant mentions of student finance. The appearance on the Last Leg could do what his debate performances did last time round if only temporarily.

Clegg is naturalistic
He chatted, he looked comfortable and even laughed along. He joined in with the fruit throwing. Nick Clegg didn’t look like a politician under pressure for the most part of the show. It was refreshing for a politician to look like he’s just going along with the flow. Cameron perhaps would have tried to control the situation and Miliband might have started to sweat profusely but Clegg was good humoured. He even helped Adam Hills pull a prank on Brooker before the show started.

He had done his research
Unlike Cameron who couldn’t tell you the price of various items in your shopping basket Clegg and team had clearly done their research before coming on the show. He even managed to sneak in a reference to Alex’s favourite fast food restaurant Nandos whilst trying to convince him to vote.

Clegg got Alex to vote
Perhaps with a little help from Nandos references Cleggy managed to convince Alex that voting was something that he should partake in. Whether this would have worked for anyone else remains to be seen; I hardly think Nandos is the solution to youth apathy.

But here comes the big question would I vote for Clegg after last night’s show?
Nope. One good appearance on a topical news/ comedy show is not enough to get rid of that student debt Mr Clegg! But good on you for actually turning up last night. Let’s see if Cameron will do the same.