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The levels of excitement and passion were soaring sky high as the UoY fashion society launched its very first event of the year. The tie dye social that took place in YorSpace on the 20th of January attracted fashonistas from across all years and courses. The atmosphere was relaxed with some great music playing in the background, while we were introduced to the different styles of tie dye.

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The different patterns available contributed to the fact that there was something to suit everyone’s palette. While some members opted for the spiral pattern, others fancied stripes more. A number of people chose the marble technique as it was simple and yet interesting. Either way, the process was an immense amount of fun, with the committee members helping everyone bring out their inner artist.

Once everyone had placed their tops into the dye, it was time for another colourful event! The society had organised a short presentation on fashion and trends pertaining to the 90s, which was both informative and exciting. The most amusing part of the presentation was the debate that arose from a popular 90s trend that a lot of us would probably want to forget, but find it hard to do so- jelly shoes. Other trends covered included the crop top and of course, the star of the evening, tie dye.

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Right after the presentation, we dived into a lively game of naming our favourite movies/ television shows in relation to the fashion portrayed in each one. Made in Chelsea, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Confessions of a Shopaholic were a few of the many thought-provoking answers. However, at the end of it all, 101 dalmatians emerged victorious as the favourite response.

When we were finally able to remove our T-shirts from the dye, it was one of the most thrilling experiences ever! The end product was satisfying for everyone and even a pleasant surprise for a few, who found that their intended patterns had taken a whole new life of their own. There was a splash of creativity in colour as we all gathered together to take a group photo that would mark the beginning of a very promising year for this society and its members.

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George De Cintra, Co President of the UoY fashion society hopes to take the definition of fashion to a whole new level by reaching out to a wider audience. He talks of how fashion is occasionally perceived to be something very exclusive that can often intimidate many. When asked to spell out the defining factors of the society, George nailed it down to something that was “primarily fun, bright and whacky.” ! !

In addition, the UoY fashion society has joined hands with Student Minds, in pursuit of a cause that is both noble and much needed in today’s media driven world. The collaboration aims to make young people more confident in their own skin by getting rid of negative body connotations. A small step can go a long way and that is precisely the ideology that the society adopted at the Tie Dye event when they urged everyone to write what they liked about their bodies on a post it to be later stuck on a common wall with several others.

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The UoY fashion society is by far one of the most original societies that I have ever come across. Their approach to the subject of fashion is fresh and intriguing but most of all, it is inclusive. It appeals to not only regular devotees of Vogue and Elle, but also aspires to welcome anyone with a genuine desire to learn more about the world of la mode. So as one can tell, it’s off to a admirable start for the year and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for this fantastic society!


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