York Labour Club event cancelled amid security fears

The event would have involved a talk from a Labour Party activist about the Israel-Palestine conflict

An event hosted by the University of York Labour Club (UYLC) has been cancelled due to fears of security risks.

Image: Nouse

Image: Nouse

The talk by Luke Akehurst, a Labour Party activist, former Labour National Executive and blogger, was going to be on the subject of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The event was scheduled to take place on Tuesday 20 January in the Physics department, and also included a Q&A with the former Hackney Labour councillor. The Labour Club had invited the Jewish Society and Palestinian Solidarity Campaign to the event.

Akehurst is also the director of We Believe In Israel, a UK grassroots network seeking to unite supporters of Israel who “believe in the right for Israel to live in peace and security”.

The Club made the decision to cancel the event due to concerns and issues raised by both members and non-members of the club, which, if unresolved, could potentially threaten its security.

George Norman, Chair of UYLC told Nouse: “Despite a real willingness to engage from all parties involved, I didn’t feel it was getting anywhere particularly quickly, and [negotiations were] taking a lot of my personal time and club resources. It was decided that with the club being really busy at present with the General Elections and York Central selections coming up, our time and resources were stretched too thin to resolve that.”

Norman said that the club would potentially host a more “balanced” event in the future, stressing that the Club “had no problems with other societies or organisations about the proposed event”. Yesterday, the society voted to temporarily reaffiliate with Labour Students, having disaffiliated last year due to concerns with the level of democracy within the organisation.

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  1. It is tragic that any talk on any topic in a *University* raises sufficient security concerns for the event to be cancelled! It undermines the very core of what a university is.

    Also, if there are security concerns then, by definition, there is a security threat. Without saying what this threat was and who posed it this article somewhat lacks content…