Supervisor survey shows sloppiness

A supervisor survey conducted by Nouse has revealed that 36.6 per cent of joint-honours students were satisfied with their supervisor, and 34.9 per cent were very satisfied. These results seem encouraging. However, perhaps the most interesting result was that 54 per cent felt their supervisor did not have adequate knowledge of all subjects they studied.

For £9,000 a year, the least we expect in reinbursement is support from someone who understands the intricacies and demands of both subjects. A lack of such knowledge exacerbates stress and that is ample reason for any logistical problems to be overcome. A support group with post-graduates who have been through joint-honours may be an additional area of assistance. Wider concerns about supervisors on research leave have also been raised. Many were supportive, saying they were still able to contact their supervisor easily. Others were less positive; one student told Nouse, “I wasn’t given a replacement so I had no idea who to talk to…”

It is imperative to solve these issues, as they reflect poorly on what is mostly a fantastic university. Most importantly, they make what should be an exciting and enriching time for students one of anxiety and stress.

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