Societies warned over complaints about room usage

Eighteen warnings have been issued to societies about the state rooms were left in

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that there were complaints made about the state in which rooms were left by 17 societies during the last academic year.

Image: Dystopos

Image: Dystopos

Complaints were made about issues including rooms being left in a mess after being used and furniture not being returned to its normal position after being rearranged. The incidents were reported to the University by college porters or other people using the rooms.

As a result, 18 warnings were given to the societies in question, with six of these being final warnings. Final warnings are usually reserved for repeat offenders or more serious incidents, such as food and drink being spilled or furniture being damaged.

Towards the end of last term, societies were required to sign a new room bookings agreement after several complaints were made about “rooms not being left in an acceptable state”.

Chris Wall, Student Activities Officer, told Nouse: “We work really closely with room bookings and they are excellent at catering to societies.

“We’re incredibly lucky to have access to rooms in the same way we do compared with other universities. Many are only able to book a small number of rooms and face a lot more competition for space than we do.

“We don’t want to put in anything to add barriers to booking rooms so hopefully we won’t have any problems in the future.”