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talks New Year’s resolutions, LCM and the Golden Globes

With New Year’s Resolutions there seem to be two groups of people: the reformers who don their lyrca and are seen biking up hills at 10am on January 1st , and the “why bother”-ers who can be found snuggled up on the couch, content that they are not facing a steep climb with a hangover. Nevertheless, don’t let your version of a New Year’s Resolution turn you into a trackie and grandma knit jumper wearer – even a couch potato can have style. This year it’s all about making goals for yourself, challenges to embark on that are achievable- well that’s according to Style magazine and their back to back issues of food, detox and exercise tips.

All this “body is a temple” encouragement is fine and dandy but I’ve decided to take my own approach; this 2015 I want to see the rejection of the January Blues uniform. While browsing the feeds of LCM (London Collection: Men) fashion week I was in awe of the sophisticated dressing of the street style elite and have decided to take heed of them. I am determined to resist putting on comfy black leggings and the oversized knit, this January it’s all about the tailored jackets, fitted turtle neck and sharp accessories.

I associate the word “detox” with vegetable juices, so I’ve decided to think of cleansing in a new way. A far more enjoyable wardrobe cleanse- getting rid of those items I never wear, shouldn’t wear and no matter how hard I breathe in just can’t wear. When was the last time you were able to close your closet door? You’re not alone. The task of cleaning out your closet solo is near impossible. When I look into my wardrobe, I see memories of times I wore certain outfits and I’m also aware of the money I spent on them, so each time I consider extracting a piece, a chorus of “what ifs” sings in my head: What if miniskirts come back? What if I take a trip aboard? What if Eddie Redmayne turns up and asks me out on a date? No one likes limiting their options and finding an advisor you trust who has the patience to take on the task with you can be near impossible. We don’t all have a closet-cleanse-giddy husband like Kim K. Vogue have developed a fabulous flowchart that addresses all the excuses you can make for yourself helping you edit your wardrobe into keep, store for a season and donate. Ask yourself do you need it? Does it fit? What is its sentimental value? Do you look like future you or past you in this?

After the Golden Globes last Sunday night I’m sure everyone has been putting in their order for the latest Givenchy haute couture (cough), but I must request please refrain from following Kiera Knightley’s lead. It might be Chanel but the butterfly and tiered frills look fell flat on the red carpet and I definitely don’t think it will translate to Hull Road street style. Look for inspiration from Emily Blunt in her beautiful neo-Grecian dress, a style to emulate at the upcoming Burn’s night ball, but stay away from the long white gloves (Amal Clooney) remember you’re not the queen.

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