Farewell to Blackwell’s

The Blackwell’s bookshop in Market Square has quietly closed down without fanfare, so it seems. The University’s official statement expresses “regret” that the shop closed down, due to a “commercial decision on the company’s part”.

While the shop’s only been in Market Square since 2001, Blackwell’s has been on campus (originally trading as Godfrey’s University Bookshop) since the 1960s. Its departure has drawn howls (well, vaguely sad Facebook posts) of protest from undergraduates, who must now find somewhere else to buy their books.

Perhaps it was somewhat inevitable. York has a plethora of second-hand bookshops within its borders, alongside a WHSmith and Waterstones, and all of the University’s students know how to work an Amazon account. If you knew where to look, and didn’t mind buying second-hand, you could usually get any necessary literature for a lot cheaper than Blackwell’s had it priced.

But it’s a little piece of history, and it’s sad to see it go.

One comment

  1. Sad to see a University of York’s stature unable to support a bookshop on campus. Although some University’s have lost their bookshops in recent years most big University’s still have them.