Constantine and Derwent launch motto competitions

Halifax and James have also revealed the creation of a college motto is under consideration

Both Derwent and Constantine College are holding competitions to find college mottos.

Image: Constantine College

Image: Constantine College

Constantine opened nominations yesterday and their new motto is expected to be in place by the first week of February. Voting will take place through the YUSU website.

Usman Khan, President of Constantine College, said: “Constantine is the newest member of the University of York fraternity and establishing our identity for generations to come through an inspirational motto will be our lasting legacy as college founder members.”

He added: “Please can everyone contribute and send as many inspirational quotes or even better, personalised motivational mottos and we’ll bequeath the College with the best of these as an enduring gift.”

Mottos that have already been suggested include ‘I will either find a way or make one’, ‘Constant stiving and development leads to constant progress and success’, ‘Through difficulties to the stars’, ‘I came, I saw, I won’  and ‘To infinity and beyond’.

It is yet to be decided what prize the winner will receive but it is expected to be free entry to Constantine’s first formal and the chance to give a speech.

The creator of the winning Derwent motto will receive a ‘Black Card’, which gives them free entry to YUSU club nights. Nominations are currently open and will close on 27 January. Suggestions should be emailed to [email protected]

Image: Derwent College

Image: Derwent College

The competition was suggested by student Peter Bunce, who thought it was “important to have a central motto which celebrated all that is Derwent” and that the College’s 50th anniversary would be  an “ideal opportunity to unveil a new motto”.

Only four of the University’s nine colleges currently have mottos. Langwith’s motto, ‘vincit que se vincit’, translates into English as ‘In order to conquer, you must first conquer yourself’. Alcuin also has a Latin motto, ‘panton nos postulo’, which means ‘All we need’.

Wentworth’s french motto, ‘En dieu est tout’, translates as ‘In God is all’ while Goodricke’s motto is ‘Setting the standard’.

At present, Vanbrugh, James and Halifax do not have mottos, although the creation of one is currently under consideration by James and Halifax. Christine Saunders, President of Halifax College, explained the College is looking into introducing a motto which  reflects the central themes of Halifax’s ethos.

These include sports and active living, leadership and creativity.

Mike Britland, James College Officer, told Nouse: “A few years ago, a JCRC came up with something that translates as ‘Let them hate us, as long as they fear us,’ but that’s quite ridiculous so the new JCRC are going to come up with a new one.”