TV Review: Angry, White and Proud

Channel 4’s new documentary follows a year in a far-right group in London. reviews

Angry White and Proud

Rating: ★★★☆☆

“I hate them, f***ing hate them, I hate them with a f***ing passion, more than I hate West Ham football club and that’s saying something because I hate them b***ards.” That’s a lot of hatred. It’s clear to see that Colin has pretty strong views about Muslims.

On Wednesday night, Channel 4 showed Angry, White and Proud, a fly-on-the-wall documentary centering around the South London Infidels, a Far-right movement, who were formed following the break-up of the English Defence League. Jamie Robinson was given direct access to this movement over the course of a year.

After the shootings in Paris last week, followed by Steven Emerson’s comments on Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch’s Twitter posts, the programme proved to be depressingly topical.

This is not a programme to watch if you are after a chilled out night in front of the TV (stick to EastEnders for that!). If, on the other hand, you are looking for something to get you angry and make you shout at the TV, then this programme is perfect. The people showed in the programme infuriate you so much. You really do question humanity after watching it. It is no exaggeration when I say that they make Nigel Farage seem like a tolerant, multicultural bloke. And that’s saying something!

When asked about how he got into Far-right movements, Colin replied: “It’s natural progression from being a tearaway as a youth, going into football violence, going into the far right”. No, no, that is definitely not natural progression. Being a tearaway as a youth does not naturally progress to inciting radical racist views!

What makes Colin’s views on immigrants even more shocking is that he himself is the son of an Italian mother and an Irish father, yet he still wants immigrants out of England.

We follow the group on the train to Brighton for the St George’s Day march where they are going to face-off against United Against Fascism, then later to a counter demonstration against Anjem Choudary, and finally up to Rotherham to protest against the child abuse scandal in which five Pakistanis were found guilty of child sexual abuse. Watching these demonstrations, it seemed as if a lot of the people were just there to get involved in the violence and to get the buzz that comes with it, rather than actually protesting. It looked like a lot of the demonstration was primarily hooliganism disguised as an ideological battle. Colin described the buzz that you get from demonstrating as like taking hardcore drugs.

However, towards the end of the show some of my faith was restored when it seemed as if Colin had finally seen sense. While all of the others were in Rotherham he was at home, contemplating distancing himself from the movement and re-evaluating his views, declaring “All this crap I’ve been getting myself involved with is not mostly to do with the hatred of other people and what they’re up to, it’s because I don’t actually like myself.” And, as much as I hate to say this about a person who goes around inciting hatred and racism, I started to feel a bit sorry for him.


  1. No doubt written by a left-wing student who thinks that free speech means only one thing: having the right to free speech just so long as it concurs with a left wing mindset. People have a right to air their opposition to immigration, multiculturalism, etc. It doesn’t matter that you think that having such views are wrong. I happen to think you’re wrong for thinking that it’s quite all right to allow a sea of unceasing immigration into this country, whereby its ethnic demographics are being changed. You might think this is a good thing, yet I don’t see you criticising non white homogeneous nations throughout the world for the lack of ‘enrichment’ that you so gladly see foisted on us. Even though UKIP states that it wants controlled immigration in which those that could be an asset to this country are allowed in, you left wing self haters (and let’s face it, you pour scorn on any kind of traditional aspect of the indigenous culture and any display of pride in it unless it conforms to your multicultural wet dream) still aren’t satisfied. You wring your hands over racism and storm the barricades when the EDL and BNP take to the streets, yet where are you when Muslim preachers of hate are spouting their filth? Where are you when white people are racially abused, attacked and murdered?? Where were your protests against the Muslim sex gangs whose victims were overwhelmingly white??? Where are your protests when Muslims set up self-appointed no-go sharia zones???? The only weak excuse your kind offer is one of denying it all, and that it’s all one big right wing conspiracy theory, blah blah blah. Well whatever keeps you happy in your far-from-reality, left wing little bubble that you live in I suppose. Having lived in a large city for over twice as long as most of you students have lived, I know the real reality of things I talk about, but the left wing agenda isn’t anything to do with fairness or seeing such things as racism from an unbiased neutral viewpoint is it? If it was then you’d be shouting from the rooftops with equal veracity when white people are the victims. At least those featured in the programme are one thing you left wingers are not, and that’s honest in their viewpoint. They at least do not coat hypocrisy with a thin veneer of ‘moral indignation’. Oh, and as to the programme, perhaps one pertinent point about its makers is that they were taken to court for one of their last efforts by West Midlands Police and the CPS for distortion and excessive editing. They’d no doubt edit in scenes of the Nuremberg rallies if they thought they could get away with it. Funny how you lefties are silent when it comes to the violent acts of the UAF, etc. Still, its membership is probably made up of a large proportion of students so I’m not surprised. If one thing sums you lefties up then it’s this: ‘truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth’.


    • Don’t hold back Mike, say what you think mate! For the record, I happen to agree with every word my friend. I am sick to the back teeth of snide, sneering little left-wingers condemning the views of white working class Britons who have suffered disproportionately in the great multicultural project and are then scorned for having the temerity to actually say what a huge crock of something unpleasant it really is!


  2. Oh, and by the way, the title of the programme was ‘Angry, White and Proud’, not ‘English, White and Proud’. Nothing like lumping all your left wing bile and sneering hatred on just one group of people is there? Hypocrites as per usual.


    • Imagine, the British are not happy about immigration, when your history and your country is built on the British immigrating and taking from other countries. Just like you thought you had a right to come to my country and set up shop and take what you please, I have a right to be here, the only difference is I am here working hard, not killing or oppressing anyone and actually contributing to this country in a positive way. If you don’t like it well I am happy to ask for my reparation for the Britians role in slavery and colonialism let’s see what this country looks like then.


      • It is true that the English are a nation of immigrants but and its a BIG but; over thousands of years our forefathers forged a way of life, a culture as it were based on simple traditions, a welfare system that ‘used’ to work for us, now it’s a laughing stock. Our steel industry was the best in the world, as usual the middle man destroyed that dream. We are an Island nation, meaning our values are of self-preservation and in that light, we do NOT like change. It has been proven that change within some cultures destroyed them, ours was a simple life, gardening (allotments) local vegetable markets, corner shops and then came the towering corporations with their lure of cheap food, huge square footage and car parks (free) this was the beginning of the end for our culture. It’s no good playing the slave card either, for it was shown that the American’s were the mass slavers, we dabbled in it that’s true but not on the scale of those US ones. Your input to this country is to be commended and I for one am happy to see it, however the reality is much darker isn’t it?
        Grooming gangs are sub-human, they have NO conscience at all, why do they target white girls? Why not their own? Because their own are already slaves and I feel sorry for them. We need to supress the coverage of Islam as much as we can because this is a Christian country and history has shown that the Muslims have gathered arms and attacked us, you are I take it, not dull enough to think that they won’t do that here? Once their numbers have grown sufficiently, they WILL start to attack us…


        • more like we attacked Muslims we started this not them Richard the 3rd attacked the holy land to drive out Muslims and don’t start tell me that just because Africans kept slaves we have the right to 2 wrongs dont make a right. do you really want to say were a Christian country when persists raped innocent choir boys


  3. 21 Jan ’15 at 12:52 am

    April Cheshire

    i wonder if these right wing extremists would change their minds about Islam if they were aware that a king of England strongly considered changeling England to an Islamic country. yes ex EDL you would have been Muslims if this king had of live 2 more months. there is no argument maybe you ALL should focus your energy on finding common ground rather than terrorising the tourists of brighton and london YOU are what makes me want to leave this country not less jobs. im British and i wont feel safe unless you stop fighting in my once loved city’s. you Ex EDL members are terroriseing england making you as bad as what you are fighting


  4. Representing racism as the opinion of the working classes is what fascists do.


    Working-class PhD