January 2015

UoY Fashion Society

Tie – Dye Social

Green Party Prospects

Recently, the poll website Vote for Policies was brought to my attention. People pick four areas of interest before being presented…

Politicians are ignoring young people

Nouse Politics hosts a guest piece from Leon Ward UK Young Ambassador to the Commonwealth on the importance of voting and young people in politics

Live Review: Vanbrugh Jazz Night’s 2nd Birthday

Jack Harvey introduces us to the college’s vibrant weekly jazz spot

Review: Woman In Mind

Emma Ralph reviews Dramasoc’s comcically engaging performance of Woman In Mind

What The Last Leg told us about Nick Clegg

Politics editor Katy Sandalls breaks down Nick Clegg’s appearance on The Last Leg in a mildly satirical manner

Storytelling at Say Owt Slam

At York’s second Say Owt Slam, Sophia Walker, BBC Scottish National Slam Champion, talks to Tess Pullen about her journey into spoken word poetry and her success

Game jamming comes to York

Jack Richardson reports on this years Global Game Jam

Album Review: Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again

A bonafide chic effort that will tap in nicely to the increasing demand for euphoric psychadelia

Review: Big Hero 6

Disney’s follow-up to Frozen is a superhero adventure with surprising emotional depth. Niall Whitehead reviews

Review: PantSoc’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

PantSoc’s latest endeavour promises hilarity and personality. Deborah Lam has a hunch you’d like it

Review: A Most Violent Year

A businessman struggles to stick to the right path in 1980s New York. Molly McElwee reviews