December 2014

Voluntourism and the truth behind the “gap yah”

With the New Year ringing in tomorrow, I hope I’m not alone in my frantic efforts to find a New…

TV Review: Snow Wolf Family and Me

Filmmaker Gordon Buchanan spends three weeks with an Arctic wolf pack who’ve never seen people before. Former wolf obsessive Laura Flannigan reviews what happened next

The Nouse Sport Review of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, the Nouse Sport team reflect on their favourite sporting moments of the last year

Greece’s Snap Elections

Following the failure of the Parliament of Greece to decide on who should be their next president, Prime Minister Antonis…

TV Review: The Boy in the Dress

David Walliams’ Christmas present for TV audiences is a clever and fashion-conscious story about a young boy’s struggles with being different. Clare Hall reviews

TV Review: Top Gear Patagonia Special

Rhys Thompson reviews Top Gear’s controversial trip to South America

TV Review: That Day We Sang

Victoria Wood’s new BBC musical is much more than “Moulin Rouge in slippers”, says Rhys Thompson

Rooney Rule not the perfect panacea

The solution to football’s racial inequality? Jamie Summers gives his verdict on the Rooney Rule

Save our season

With Liverpool showing more emphatically than most that signings can make or break seasons, Previn Desai takes a look at who could turn their season on its head and rescue some pride after an uninspiring start

TV Review: Doctor Who: ‘Last Christmas’

The Doctor meets Santa in what James Humpish thinks is one of the show’s best Christmas specials ever

TV Review: Call The Midwife

Ida Sjoberg finds the Call the Midwife 2014 Christmas special to be charmingly consistent

TV Review: On Angel Wings

This charming retelling of the Nativity story brings something different to the Christmas TV schedules, says Helena Sutcliffe