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After eight series, it’s time to say goodbye to Lewis. reviews the series finale

Rating: ★★★★☆

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After 8 series, Lewis has finally come to an end with ‘Beyond Good and Evil’: a two-parter centred on a police killer named Graham Lawrie (Alec Newman). Lawrie had been put away by Lewis in 2001 and wanted to prove his innocence once and for all.

The story was full of the usual Lewis intrigue and mystique, with DS Maddox (Angela Griffin) was right at the heart of it, but sadly not in a positive way, as she found herself a victim of the renewed attacks on police officers.

The introduction of her husband, Tony this week finally helped to develop her character, which previously seemed to have been lacking. There was a real tenderness between the two that is reminiscent of the relationship we see between Hobson (Clare Holman) and Lewis.

Hathaway (Laurence Fox) and Lewis’ relationship was once again up for discussion this week. Whilst it is always interesting to look deeply into the bond between the two, the constant to-ing and fro-ing that seems to have taken place this series has just been excruciating. Once: yes, twice: no. It seems absurd that Hathaway should doubt everything about Lewis at the time when he needs him the most.

As for the story itself, Lewis’ final trip appeared to me to be much darker and more calculating than usual. The cliff-hangers were gripping, with the outcome of the murder trial and Maddox’s impending fate proving a tantalising ending to part one. The resolution was neat and not unexpected; Lewis never fails to show how far people will go for love.

Lewis has provided seven years of absolute delight. There was always going to be the worry that it would be lost in the shadow of Morse, or that it would try to be too similar to it. Although there have been the occasional nods back to its past, Lewis has always succeeded in looking towards the future.

Robbie Lewis has developed in such a natural way over the past eight series, from a man pained by the death of his wife and struggling to find his place in this world, to one who can contentedly look backwards and forwards in his life without fear.

Right by his side has been the smart, charming, but utter emotional wreck that is James Hathaway. He has never felt like the number two in the relationship, but an equal to Lewis, who once commented that together they make a brilliant detective. Lewis was wrong – together they make two amazing detectives and both will be sorely missed.

Robbie, James, thank you.

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