Tales from the 22: Ladies first

takes a look at how the women’s half of York Sport have been quietly effective and impressive over the last term

Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

It goes without saying that in my first term working – if that’s what you want to call it – in the Nouse Sport team, I have watched more campus sport than is healthy in eight weeks.

During this time, I’ve had the pleasure of watching a range of sports, from badminton to hockey; a range that is sure to expand as I satisfy my curiosity for uncommon sports and feed the masochistic desire to freeze on the side-lines shared by most student sports reporters.

York in general have had a solid start in this year’s BUCS tables, sitting pretty in 37th. This might be two places lower than they finished last year, but with the number of promotions York got last year, they’ve done really well to maintain that level.

Some notable performances include Men’s Tennis Seconds, who lie joint top of their league unbeaten, Women’s Hockey Firsts had a long winning streak at the start of the season and the UYWAFC whose Firsts have recently gone top (and remain unbeaten), and whose Seconds have just picked up their first ever win. Women’s Lacrosse have also had a solid start in an incredibly competitive league, save for a humbling defeat at home to Durham.

A brief look at the BUCS tables will show that these aren’t the only teams doing well, but these are the ones I’ve seen.

Naturally, it is difficult for me to comment on every single team playing on Wednesdays but, of the ones I have seen, some of the most impressive teams have been the women’s.

I have watched the Women’s Badminton Firsts despatch strong opponents in Northumbria and witnessed the Women’s Hockey Firsts battling through and keeping their nerve in a cup tie. Evident in both is the team spirit, and I know having been told that this stretches far and beyond the teams I have seen.

It’s not all rosy – if you’ll pardon the questionable pun – in the female leagues. UYWRUFC are second from bottom, but given that they’re playing in the 1A league, and have only have one season to acquit themselves with the change in level, it’s easy to understand why.

Of course, this is only my first term reporting. I’ll be looking forward to watching my first Lacrosse game – though I should probably learn the rules first – and covering a little bit of everything at the Roses.

Most of all, I will be following whether men can keep up with their female counterparts. York is bound to want to work as a team, but there’ll always be a little bit of a gender battle (even if no-one will admit it), which is sure to be interesting to follow over the year.

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