Erasmus students need financial security

A year abroad is meant to be an enriching and exciting addition to your degree, but not when you can’t afford to financially fund it. Many students on their year abroad are yet to receive their Erasmus grant, or received it several months later than expected.

Without the additional grant, students have to rely on their student loan, which for many, doesn’t cover the mounting costs of the year abroad.

On the year abroad, no money equals no fun. You want to be able to make the most of probably the most memorable year of your student life without having to adopt a stingy attitude towards your expenditures.

Who knows what students would be missing? Perhaps less opportunities to meet other Erasmus students in strange European nightclubs. Or, on a more serious note, less opportunities to enjoy the plethora of experiences that a year abroad can bring.

Imagine if you couldn’t afford to fund your year abroad to the point where you had to consider coming home early or, if in France, were forced to start selling baguettes on street corners. That wouldn’t be fun.

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