Campus accommodation rent prices increase for the fifth year running

University accommodation rent prices have risen once ag

The University has increased its campus accommodation rent prices for the fifth year in a row, with an average increase of £19.135 per week or 19 per cent between 2011/12 – 2014/15.

Complete price lists for 2015/2016 have not yet been made public, but the data available suggests a similar increase rate to what has been implemented so far.

Figures provided by the University show that the average weekly rent price for accommodation in 2014/15, when taking into account single and shared twin rooms was £118.385.

Image: Nouse

Image: Nouse

However, in the academic year 2011/12, the average rent price was £99.25 a week when taking into account single and shared rooms twin rooms.

The price of a standard economy room such as those in Derwent College has risen by 20 per cent over a four-year period (2011/12 – 2015/16). For a 40-week rent, this is an increase of £691.60, from £3432.80 to £4124.40.

A third-year Economics student told Nouse: “Given the state of the economy, these aggressive rent increases are unjustified. “In first year, I had an upgraded standard room in Halifax College, and I was paying more per week than a friend with an economy ensuite room in Alcuin. These rent increases would [only] be justified if the quality of accommodation had also increased over the period.”

A standard room with a shared bathroom is £121.94 for the 2015/16 academic year, but was only £91.97 in 2011/12 – a £29.97 or 33 per cent increase over four years.

For a self-catered standard room there has been a rise of £28.84 a week, which represents a 31 per cent rise over a four-year period.

The price for a standard ensuite rent has risen by £16.10 per week, which is an increase of 14 per cent over the same four-year period.

A spokesman from the University told Nouse: “The University reviews rent prices annually in full consultation with the Students’ Unions through the rents group.” They went on to say: “This is in order to meet the annual costs of providing the accommodation.” These annual costs include utilities, staffing and catering costs.

They also cover the “rolling programme of refurbishment” and “financial commitments of funding/borrowing arrangements”.


  1. How do they keep getting away with it? In 2007 you could get a room in Derwent for £60 or a room in the (then brand new) New Vanbrugh for £80. How the fuck have they managed to double rents in eight years?! How do they expect students to cover these costs? It’s disgusting…

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    • Anyone would think students didn’t have the sense to shop around. You’re paying more for the convenience. Anyone willing to walk for 20 minutes can enjoy much cheaper rents, and the York rental market isn’t absolutely saturated.

      Perhaps people should research living costs when applying to university, and use it as a variable along with the really ‘important’ stuff I see people asking about, like nightlife, ‘ranking’ and sport…

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