All you need is tweed

explores the versatility of wearing tweed this season

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Brown Harris Tweed Blazer, £125 at ASOS.

 If there’s one thing hard to get right with menswear, it would be the conundrum of choosing a single jacket from the myriad of outerwear choices this winter. This season, the style savvy man will be opting for tweed. Yes, it’s the jacket your professor wore as you sat through those dreadful lectures, but it’s also going to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

Think of it as your Autumn/Winter denim jacket, except this statement piece enables you to look effortlessly stylish and suave in both formal and casual settings. It’s time to shake off the nerdy stigma attached to these jackets and learn how not to be a dweeb in tweed.

The original function of tweed jackets was to provide warmth and camouflage for Scottish hunters. The process of weaving the wool brings out different patterns and colours within the fabric, creating a multitude of combinations as to how it can be worn. Here’s a rundown of the best ways to wear the staple jacket:

The Shirt283983 main

The key to matching tweed with a shirt is simple – they should contrast each other. Classic grey herringbone tweed jackets are perfect when paired with white or blue Oxford shirts. Checked shirts can offer a quirky, smart casual look. Layering brightly coloured jumpers under your jacket helps to combat the cold weather. Blue Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt, £25 at River Island.

The Tie

Silk Tie TM Lewin  £35


The tie must always be a darker shade than your shirt and the size of the tie should match the width of your jacket lapel. When it comes to wearing tweed, avoid skinny or shiny ties – they’ll look terribly mismatched. Opt for textured finishes and contrast it with the colour and pattern of your shirt. Finally, always go for a knitted tie – they just look better. Silk Tie, £35 at TM Lewin.





The Trousers

Finding the correct pair of trousers to wear with a tweed jacket may seem difficult, but it is actually a relatively simple task. Match the colour of your trousers to a minor, secondary colour of your tweed jacket, or just throw on a pair of dark coloured, slim-fit denim jeans or a classic pair of chinos for a flawless casual look. Low Rise Super Skinny Jean, £50 at Myer.


The Accessory

Asos Pocket Square £6(1)


Pocket Squares have always been an indispensable accessory to menswear, as they’re a subtle way of expressing your sense of style. Wearing a tweed jacket with a bold pocket square will help you to complete the look. The colours of the pocket square should complement, but not match, your shirt and tie. Polka-dotted and patterned designs are great choices. Pocket Square, £6 at ASOS.