On The Radar: Mark Ronson, José González, Eaves, Model Aeroplanes & Clarence Clarity

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On the radar 17 - 11 After the Foo Fighters yard of ale and the half-pint of One Direction you no doubt chugged with vigour last week, here’s some new and undiscovered songs to cure your musical hangover. This week’s pentalogy features the return of a legendary producer, a glorious smattering of acoustic folk, and some new-age psychedelica that you’ll either turn off or be dancing to within seconds.

Mark Ronson ft Kevin Parker – Daffodils 

Having dropped just last week, there’s no video, artwork or promo to accompany this fantastic new release from famed producer and artist Mark Ronson, and lead singer of Tame Impala, Kevin Parker. Laced with hypnotic 80s disco funk, it’s a departure from Ronson’s signature polished-pop forté; cooler, fresher and somehow bolder, it showcases a new direction that retains his penchant for writing entirely listenable music. Parker’s vocals are a huge asset here – the otherworldly sparseness of his tone captures the refreshing minimalism of Ronson’s new styling. All this said, his soon-to-be-released new album Uptown Funk had better do its utmost to knock out another ‘Valerie’, for his sake as well as ours.

José González – Every Age

An unsung and increasingly authoritative figure in the indie-folk family (surely the most suitable collective noun – they’re likely a friendly bunch), Swedish singer songwriter José González offers up a sublime listening experience with ‘Every Age’. One part Fleet Foxes, another Bon Iver, he’s a folk artist with his feet firmly rooted in the fundamentals of the genre; there’s no gratuitous banjo-and-waistcoat combo, nor  incongruous Jake Bugg rock nod – he’s simply a man with a gentle voice, a guitar, and something to say. The lack of heavyweight label backing or radio presence makes his ample fan-base an entirely refreshing statistic. González is an artist doing things the old fashioned way, and, pleasingly, they seem to be working for him.

Eaves – As Old As The Grave

Another folk-based gem, under-the-radar artist Eaves has been making a name for himself supporting 2014 Mercury Prize nominee Nick Mulvey. The melancholic ‘As Old As The Grave’ is one of just three songs available on Spotify by Leeds-based Joseph Lyons; fans of the alt-folk sounds of Half Moon Run will embrace his stripped-back attention to detail and dexterous melodies. Undoubtedly one to watch, Eaves is the kind of artist your most musically versed friend will tell you all about in 18 months time. If ‘As Old As The Grave’ is anything to go by, Lyons’ future efforts will be deserving of immediate attention.

Model Aeroplanes – Club Low

A budget The 1975, or the next key player in an emerging new genre of indie-quirk? Billed by the band themselves as ‘fun, fresh and honest music you can drink cocktails to’, ‘Club Low’ is the next in a series of single releases from the emerging Scottish foursome exhibiting their playful Marmite music. It’s funky, punchy and cheerful – the kind of song that opens an episode of Made In Chelsea. If you’ve been able to get on board with the entirely pleasant monotony of Two Door Cinema Club, then Model Aeroplanes are probably right up your street.

Clarence Clarity – Those Who Can’t, Cheat

Clarence Clarity’s ‘Those Who Can’t, Cheat’ is made for those who’ve been long-time fans of Yeasayer without ever being able to explain entirely why. It’s wierd, trippy, and entirely addictive, and probably shouldn’t be as good as it is. I’ve had it on repeat all week. London based Clarence has at the time of writing just 367 likes on Facebook – it’s hard to say why, but this psychedelic maestro should undoubtedly have a lot, lot more. Those who like this will love it. Those who don’t are missing out.

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