Review: Whoops!

attends the premiere of Whoops!, York’s home-made black comedy that aims to make serial murder a laughing matter


Directors: Tony Hipwell, Miles Watts
Starring: Elaine Glover, Phil Rowson, Andrew Dunn,
Running Time: 90 minutes
Rating: ★★★★☆

Whoops! is an independent film based in Yorkshire. Last week, it had its York premiere at the Reel cinema after being shown at the Raindance and NXNE festivals. After going on to more festivals, it is expected to be released in cinemas next year, when it will show mainstream audiences that serial killers are no laughing matter; except for Rose Clements.

Whoops! follows Rose (Elaine Glover), a loving suburban mother and wife. However, her life isn’t as ordinary as it seems. Hindered by her clumsiness, Rose has an inability to stop ‘accidentally’ killing people. After she persuades her husband, Dave, (Phil Rowson) to aid her in the disposing of the bodies, the couple find themselves having to maintain their normal existence while their lives quickly spin out of control. As the bodies start to mount up, they attract the attention of the local police.

Some of the acting in this film is excellent, with Glover making a brilliant klutz, supported by Rowson, who acts the part of her loyal yet simple husband very well. And the relationship between these two is what I believe makes the film so good. However, it’s stolen by the hilarious Paul Tomblin, who plays the part of Dave’s young apprentice, with some outrageously funny one-liners. As well as Tomblin, the brief appearance of Andrew Dunn as Rose’s sleazy boss was excellent.

Although the subject matter may seem extremely dark, the premise of this film is most definitely a comedy. Some of the murders are ridiculously funny, with the weapons ranging from a stiletto to a clipboard, all with their fair share of gore. However,, this is always done in a comical fashion and thus is never gruesome or uncomfortable to watch.

Credit must go to Tony Hipwell and Miles Watts for creating a brilliant script full of humour and suspense with a very limited budget of just £60,000. When you consider that this is a tiny fraction of the cost of the ‘big’ Hollywood films, it really does put some of them to shame.

Of course, this film isn’t without its downfalls (but what film is?). The script sometimes leaves some things unexplained and some of the murders do seem very unrealistic (but in a way this is hilarious, and improves the film).

Overall, Whoops! is a classic British black comedy along the lines of In Bruges and Sightseers. I urge anyone who has the opportunity to watch it.

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