September 2014

Album Review: Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems

Jonathon Hoare gives his take on the new album from Leonard Cohen

Nuclear disarmament should be the future

The U.S is preparing for a major renewal of nuclear arms. A recent federal study has estimated the collective cost…

The independence debate is not over

Should Scotland be an independent country?’ According to the majority of Scotland, it shouldn’t. At 55.3% against the question, the…

Ceasfire in Ukraine may unravel as peace alignments form

The recent news from the Ukraine provides a cautious ground for the optimism. Not only had the official state forces…

Q&A with Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan, comedian performing at YUSU Comedy Night, answers questions from Grace Marsh

Print Edition: 30th September 2014

Meet York’s diverse street performers

This summer, York city centre was saturated with talented street performers. Charlotte Wainwright went out to meet some of them

The internet revolution

BuzzFeed UK editor Luke Lewis speaks to Grace Marsh about launching in the UK, British humour and what makes the site so successful

Party games galore

Gaming editors Alex Killeen and Adam Koper take a look at classic games that can brighten up a party or pre-drinks

The Michel-in Starred Man

Michel Roux Jr. speaks to Emily Myers about Michelin stars, Masterchef and making the most of a student budget

Does university really make you fat?

Steven Scott investigates the effect of the university lifestyle on eating habits

Hangover remedies

As a student it’s very likely that you’ll be drinking at some point during your time at university. On the odd occasion that you may have had one too many drinks, Serena Reidy shares her suggestions for nursing a hangover