Langwith reveals new College Principal as Fanning resigns

Jon Fanning will be replaced by Dr Fiona Polack after announcing his resignation from his role as Principal of Langwith College earlier this summer

Jon Fanning has resigned from his role as Principal of Langwith College due to “personal reasons”. He will be replaced by Dr Fiona Polack, who has been a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Science Department since 2002.

Fiona Polack

Fanning is a teaching fellow in the York Management School and was previously Deputy Provost of Goodricke College. News of his departure has yet to be officially announced.

However, a spokesperson from the University of York told Nouse: “Earlier this summer, Jon Fanning tendered his resignation, for personal reasons, from the role of Langwith Principal. His valuable contribution as Langwith’s first College Principal is recognised and the College staff and student leaders were informed at the time.

“Happily we have been able to appoint Dr Fiona Polack as the College’s new Principal in time to welcome the new students later this month. Fiona is a senior lecturer in the Computer Science Department who has had many roles supporting students in her long career at the University.

“Due to her involvement in colleges in a variety of different contexts, she expressed both enormous enthusiasm for becoming the next Principal of Langwith, and a great breadth of vision for the College.”

Dr Polack studied her MA and PhD at the University of Cambridge, and gained an MSc at York in between. Her research interests include promoting collaborative science at the University, including teaching initiatives in interdisciplinary science at postgraduate level.

Besides academia, Dr Polack has also served as University Harassment Adviser and a member of both the University Special Cases Committee and First Contact network.

The change in Langwith’s senior staff is one of many across the University this year. Earlier this year, Dr Eleanor Brown took over as Provost of Derwent College after Dr Rob Aitken became Constantine College’s first Principal.

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