Poppy Bullard: “Bitterness”

183.5 is a magic number;
It races ahead through others’ dozes.
183.5 is the stuff of dreams,
The winning score at Roses.

142.5 pales in comparison,
It has no place on the boardwalk of heaven:
It’s not prime, nor a digit of pi,
And you can’t even divide it by seven.

142.5 is the sum of missed goals,
Poor passing, ill-timed deflections,
A distinct lack of fitness,
Lost races and sub-par direction.

142.5 is the destruction
Of a year’s hopes and dreams.
Weeks of training, terms of rigour,
Ruthlessly torn at the seams.

142.5 is infinitely preferable,
However, to a score of 340:
The required number of UCAS points
To get into Lancaster University.

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