Presidential candidate note: Josie Field

Josie Field describes her time running for YUSU president and explains why you should vote for her

Josie Field

If I had to choose one word to describe my campaign it would be consistent. My signs were stenciled using spray paints, my leaflets feature my Facebook photo and when I’ve spoken in lectures, I’ve said the same key points from my manifesto. Mostly, my days have consisted of chatting to individuals, I’ve been loitering around busy student areas like the library entrance, d bar and v bar and in all honesty, if I get nothing else from this experience, it’s been a great excuse to chat to people freely- everyone has their issue and everyone has an opinion if you give them a chance to air it. It’s actually been kind of faith restoring in some respect.

I would say, if you haven’t voted- please please do- this is who will represent you for a full year and you need to make sure you’ve had a say now even if it’s just so you have a right to complain later! Oh, and thanks to anyone who has provided me with a lighter or a few kind words in the past two weeks, the weather’s been hit and miss but you guys haven’t been.

And if that still hasn’t convinced you check out her sixty second manifesto one more time:

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  1. Hey, you should probably change the part that refers to Josie with male pronouns ‘check out his sixty second manifestio’ :)