Review: Vertigo – A Vanbrugh Event

gives us his take on Vanbrugh’s new college night


Vertigo, the long awaited Vanbrugh event tipped to be the biggest in Vanbrugh history, was just that – a particularly sociable night with the kinds of affordable drinks and good rooms of music that make for a great club night. The night started (well, officially started) at Gibson’s, which with its two for £5 cocktails is as good a place to start as any. One exciting way in which this night distinguished itself from the rest and targeted Vanbrugh members was in the Vanbrugh cocktail served here, a drink which represented its namesake by having a blue/purple colour. I can’t say I remember what exactly was in it, but it was one of the better drinks I’ve had from Gibson’s – and they certainly began to take effect by the time we got to Mansion.

The choice of Mansion as a club added to the one-off atmosphere of the night – most freshers have had little experience of this club due to how infrequently it hosts student-friendly nights in comparison to other major clubs in York. The turnout at Mansion was strong enough, though mainly dominated by first years – there were, however, many familiar STYC faces from Freshers’ week. Though the use of all the main rooms in Mansion made it something of a maze, the fact that all the bars were open meant that drinks were easy to come by, and the £1.50 Jagerbombs were persuasive even to a guy who pretty much destroyed his bank account the previous Monday night under the influence of Absinthe. Admittedly, I hadn’t gone into the night expecting the music to be much better than any other student night, but even if I had gone in with particularly high expectations I would have been impressed. DM Sounds put on a good house set but unfortunately they were not met with much response from the crowds, who were mainly situated in the other two rooms of music. The Mansion resident DJ’s set was surprisingly eclectic, with seamless mixes between, for example, the Jackson 5 and Macklemore. But the real standout was the upstairs set by Vanbrugh’s own Paul Scarlett, which played only the best of modern mainstream. Within ten minutes of my arrival, Daft Punk and Kanye West had already been played and the set continued on that form. The only downside was that I didn’t hear anything from Kanye’s new Yeezus while I was there, but you can’t have it all.

Of the night, Vanbrugh JCRC Vice Entertainment Chair Chris Morris said “the whole idea for the night was to give Vanbrugh students an event bigger than anything the Uni had seen before, and the response we got to that was incredible. We sold 500 tickets – so many that at 250 we had to book more space in the club. It makes me extremely proud of the team around me, and proud to be Vanbrugh”. If one of the aims of the event was to make a night big enough to bring together people from different parts of the Vanbrugh community, then it was an unqualified success for me at least. By the end of the night I’d found myself spending time with people from different blocks and in different years across Vanbrugh, from close friends of mine to people I’d never met before. Many thanks to Chris Morris for organising the event.