Goodricke steal victory in shootout

Goodricke emerge victorious despite a strong showing from Langwith in a nail biting Hes East derby

Goodricke 0 – 0 Langwith
(Goodricke win 3 – 2 on penalties)
College Varsity qualifiers

Despite Langwith dominating a one-sided but goalless Hes East derby, it was Goodricke that came out as victors after a closely-fought penalty shootout. There were early chances for Barnaby Steel who came close to breaking the deadlock, but Harry Jeffs was having a stormer between the posts to keep Goodricke in the match. In addition to Steel, Matt Guy was causing non-stop problems for the Goodricke back four and surprised all by not scoring at least one as Langwith continued to dominate.

As the cold weather came in from the East, the match appeared to lose its spark in a somewhat lethargic way. Inspiring moments came from Alex McDonald as he succumbed to peer pressure and threw in some aerial balls, but with a less than satisfying success rate.The second half increased in the tempo, with Langwith continuing to dominate Goodricke. The majority of the last thirty-five minutes were played in Goodricke’s last 25 metres.

Chances once again came from Guy, Ben Al-Shaikh and Mike Dunnett-Stone but some scrappy all or nothing defense kept the ball from crossing the line. Langwith’s wild card at the back, Andrew Lister was calm and collected as usual cleaning up any stray Goodricke attacks that came his way. In the final ten minutes Goodricke appeared to have a second lease of life, but could not quite get the ball to their striker Tara Annison to convert the opportunities.

The final whistle blew with both teams level at 0-0, but with one final short corner to play. All of Langwith set themselves up around the Goodricke D but Laura Mitchell disappointingly could not convert. Harry Jeffs pulled off some fantastic saves to deny three penalty attempts, with Goodricke’s winning penalty slotted home by Max Fox.

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