Funding acquired for York Sport projects

YuFund have awarded £47,305 to York Sport Union in order to fund an on campus physio, a pre-Roses training camp and to bring ‘Diversity Champions to the university

York's Key Contacts, a scheme Cass Brown has championed this year

York’s Key Contacts, a scheme Cass Brown has championed this year

Cass Brown, York Sport President, has announced that YuFund have awarded £47,305 to York Sport Union projects after £100,000 was raised by their dedicated caller team, YuCall.

In a blog post on the YUSU website Brown expressed her delight at having received just under half the money that YuFund raised. £4,295 will be used to introduce an on campus physio at affordable student prices, a policy Brown has championed since running for York Sport President last academic year. Brown hopes that “the money will help subsidise sessions taking a high quality professional service down from around £20-£30 to just £5 without even leaving campus.”

Brown also applied for £3,200 to fund the pre-Roses training camp. As she stated during pre-season camp, Brown has ambitions to win the away Roses which takes place in the summer term. The success of the application means that York will be running their first ever pre-Roses training camp this year. This year’s Roses is the 50th anniversary of the competition and it coincides with Lancaster’s 50th anniversary, which places even more pressure on the teams heading to Lancaster hoping to regain the trophy.

As part of the Key Contacts scheme that has been York Sport’s flagship policy this year, Brown has secured £1000 to bring ‘Diversity Champions’ to York. It has enabled her to fund an “LGBTQ defining Olympian and Paralympian to come to York and meet the Key Contacts”, Brown also added that she hopes it will “raise the profile of York as an inclusive and accessible place for sport.”

Brown finished by saying she was “so grateful to YuFund for supporting these projects.”