December 2013

New year, same old you

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride; a year has gone by once again full of achievements and successful resolutions.…

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Molly Bell visits The Fudge Kitchen to discover just how they make their delicious fudge

Food Bank Crisis

Jacob Miller asks who is going to respond to recent increases in the usage of food banks in England

Depression linked to cellular ageing

Researchers working in the Netherlands have found that suffering from a major depressive disorder can cause your cells to age faster

TV Review: Made in Chelsea – series 6

Made in Chelsea’s sixth series boasts of love triangles, drama and fall-outs to match its predecessors. Alexandra Nawrat reviews

A Hypocrite’s Desperate Plea

Holly Dale takes a morality check over animal testing

Backing the BBC is our British duty

Our beloved BBC needs the support of the public through TV licences, even students who squirm out of paying need to face up to it

TV Review: Doctor Who – ‘The Time of the Doctor’

A disappointing final farewell to Matt Smith as this year’s Christmas special felt over-stuffed but ultimately hollow. Michael Brennan reviews

TV Review: Christmas soaps – Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale

Gemma Horton reviews the best, and worst, of the Christmas soaps

TV Review: Downton Abbey – Christmas special

In a fairly underwhelming Christmas special, ITV’s period drama failed to provide any real character or plot development. Gemma Horton reviews

Separating the man from the music

Before the revelations about Lostprophets front man, Ian Watkins, came out, he was an admired musician whose band’s music stole the hearts and minds of many a teenager. Now every time I hear his voice in my ears, I have to skip it. I can’t listen to a word from his mouth

TV Review: Fresh Meat – series 3 finale

Fresh Meat reaches its expiration date. Alfie Packham reviews