Wentworth reject College Student Association

Wentworth GCRC vote against the creation of a CSA as current system offers more “flexibility”

Petroc Taylor

Petroc Taylor

Wentworth Graduate Common Room Committee has voted against the formation of a College Student Association (CSA) following the recent YUSU referendum.

Joshua Henning, Wentworth College GCRC chair, criticised the plans in a letter to Kallum Taylor, YUSU President, saying “We could not bring our college into an untested system which we have had no opportunity to contribute in creating.

“There has been no mention of liasing with college GCRCs and consequently we do not believe that postgraduates, who make up a large number of the University’s student population, have been adequately consulted or our collective interests taken into account. The role that the GSA will play in the new system has also not been sufficiently addressed and remains ambiguous.”

The Wentworth Chair continued his appraisal of the plans by attacking YUSU’s handling of the vote, insisting that “we as a GCRC are concerned with the way in which the referenda and associated campaigns were organised and operated in terms of democratic transparency.

“We also strongly advise that all colleges with vibrant GCRCs and postgraduate communities seriously consider the implications of a move to College Student Associations (for all those who they represent) at the present time.”

In response, Taylor apologised for the problems in communication and the running of the campaign.

“The new system actually provides greater flexibility for student representation in colleges, which we could have made clearer if we had done a better job communicating with you about the changes,” Taylor wrote in a statement. “The aim is, in fact, to make our policy more representative of students’ views and to consult the membership more broadly on what issues we should stand for.”

He also noted that there had been problems with the integrity of the campaign, as no strong opposition to the motion had been mounted. “It was like being in a boxing match, with nobody in the ring to fight… Of course the standard of debate was awful, as there was only ‘yes’ literature around campus and online. Had we had decent ‘no’ campaigns for the motions then that would’ve instantly bumped up the interest.”

Vanbrugh JCRC also voted on the plans, and passed the motion to introduce a CSA with a 92% majority.


  1. So its the student’s fault for not caring about a series of motions they weren’t calling for and weren’t informed about, that was sneaked through by their “students'” union.

    Got it.

    Now, you keep telling yourself that Kallum. At least the theoretical obligation to listen to your members and do as they say has been lifted from your shoulders.

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  2. 8 Nov ’13 at 2:41 pm

    Donald Donaldson

    Well said, that man.

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  3. 8 Nov ’13 at 9:35 pm

    Informed outsider

    Erm isn’t the Wentworth GCRC made up of just 4 people…

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  4. 8 Nov ’13 at 10:30 pm

    Dear Informed Insider (aka Sabbatical Officer),

    Your point is rather irrelevant.

    Whilst I’m sure that is annoying for you that each college common room’s membership has to vote in turn (as its not yet JCRC election season, I would love to see what the turnout is for each poll, although as you can’t even publish the minutes of your meetings I doubt you’ll give us that) can you at least let democracy prevail?

    You wouldn’t like it if David Duncan and Jane Grenville called time on your pantomime by pointing out that nobody cares about you and you essentially act in the “name of the students” without actually bothering to listen to them. Would you? Even with the charity status that you hide behind to deny your membership a true say it is well within their powers to do so.

    As such if I were you I would tread very, very, very carefully. Regarding your future employment prospects it is still possible to call a general meeting and the dole queue, especially if you are poorly qualified and quite unskilled, in this country is rather long.


    The Student Body xxx

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  5. 9 Nov ’13 at 2:07 am

    Wentworth GCRC

    Thank you to the guys at Nouse for printing this story. Increasing postgraduate representation across campus is something that we naturally feel passionately about and we look forward to meeting Kallum to discuss this issue further in the near future! In the meantime however, if anyone would like to be kept up to date with all the events and activities that we put on and that are happening in Wentworth then our Facebook page can be found here:


    Hopefully see you there! :D

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  6. 16 Nov ’13 at 3:22 pm

    @Dear Informed Insider

    You know, if the Sabbs wanted to make a comment, I am pretty sure they would have the balls to put their names in front of what they say. Please realise that not everyone dislikes YUSU and a lot of people supported the Democratic Review (hence the reason why the YES vote triumphed) and that there are supporters from outside.

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  7. Oh and please do not delude yourself into thinking you speak for the entire student body, that is arrogance of the highest order and is offensive to students (like myself) who supported the CSA and Democratic Review motion

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