Roses 2013 Preview: Hockey

Image: Philippa Grafton.

Image: Philippa Grafton.


Women’s 2nds Indoor: Friday 1pm, Tent
Men’s 2nds Indoor: Friday 2pm, Tent
Women’s 1sts Indoor: Friday 3pm, Tent
Men’s 1sts Indoor: Friday 4pm, Tent
Men’s 3rds: Saturday 9.30am, JLD
Women’s 2nds: Saturday 11.30am, JLD
Men’s 2nds: Saturday 1.30pm, JLD
Women’s 1sts: Saturday 3.30pm, JLD
Men’s 1sts: Saturday 5.30pm, JLD

Points on offer: 19

Image: Petroc Taylor.

Image: Petroc Taylor.

2012 results

Men’s 2nds Indoor: York 2-5 Lancaster
Women’s 2nds Indoor: 3-4 Lancaster
Women’s 1sts Indoor: York 5-2 Lancaster
Men’s 1sts Indoor: York 8-2 Lancaster
Men’s 3rds: York 1-0 Lancaster
Women’s 3rds: York 0-1 Lancaster
Women’s 2nds: York 4-0 Lancaster
Men’s 2nds: 2-3 Lancaster
Women’s 1sts: York 1-1 Lancaster
Men’s 1sts: York 1-1 Lancaster

Jill Mercer, Club President

How have the club performed so far this season?

“Having lost a number of valuable players from the club last year we began with a bit of a shaky start. Luckily, a good intake of fresher members meant that it didn’t take long to rebuild our strength allowing us to enjoy a strong season including some excellent results both in BUCS and Yorkshire League. Some fantastic performances have been displayed by both the men’s and ladies’ sides with a particular highlight being the men’s 2s ending on a 5 match winning streak, being unbeaten in BUCS since Christmas and overall gaining Yorkshire League promotion.”

What are you expecting from your Roses fixtures this year?

“Over the next two weeks we have an intense training schedule set up to ensure that fitness levels are high and everyone is well prepared for the matches, both indoor and outdoor. With this behind us, on top of a home advantage, we are confident that every UYHC team has a strong chance of victory.”

Why should people come and watch your matches?

“As much as we have confidence in our teams to do well over the Roses weekend, Lancaster have a strong hockey club and the matches are no doubt going to be close. With this excitement along with the fantastic atmosphere that comes at the side of the pitch, there promises not to be a dull moment for any spectator.”

Nouse Verdict

UYHC have been improving as the year has gone on, having lost a number of players from last year. If Roses 2012 is anything to go by then the hockey fixtures are going to be very close indeed, and with 19 points up for grabs over Friday and Saturday it’s vital that York are at their best. Comparing form in the BUCS tables, you could argue that Lancaster have a slight edge but I wouldn’t expect that to count for much over the weekend. Each match here will be tight, but York can be confident of taking the majority of the points on offer.

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    Fantastic Mr. Foakes

    Im coming back, see if i can nab another Lanc, and make her my missus.

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