YO1: A Preview

May 5th sees the return of a bigger, better YO1 Festival. Like a small child excited for Christmas, Nouse Music break down the big names in our first preview for this year’s event.

After the success of our BRITs article a few weeks ago and with such a huge event on the horizon for York’s live music scene, your Music Editing Team wanted to offer a preview of what’s in store come May 5th. In this first preview feature, we take a look at your headline acts, a name to watch out for and offer all the ticket details you could ever dream of.

Headliner Number One: RUDIMENTAL
It’s been quite a year for Rudimental. The Hackney-based quarter (half of whom, it may interest you to know, attended Leeds Met—big up to proximity) have enjoyed a sudden and global success; their first single, ‘Feel the Love’, spent 30 weeks in the charts (16 of which it spent luxuriating amidst the Top 10), accumulated 18.6 million views on YouTube and was certified ‘Double Platinum’ in Australia. Being responsible for the 16th biggest selling track in 2012 isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality (for context, Minaj placed 5th), but there’s something about the bizarre combination of horns, drums and John Newman that just…works. So much so that they managed to re-implement the formula with ‘Not Giving In’. If it ain’t broke, and all that.
It’s a real boon to YO1 that they’ve managed to secure such a massive name, particularly given that Rudimental are currently at the zenith of their commercial success. We highly recommend turning out, if only for these guys; Kuda enjoys it, and so do we.

Headliner Number Two: ALUNAGEORGE
Opposite Rudimental as headliners stand Aluna Francis and George Reid – AlunaGeorge. Breaking through last year with ‘Your Drums, Your Love’, and reaching Number 2 in the UK Top 40 with ‘White Noise’, a collaboration with Disclosure, it’s little wonder AlunaGeorge have been chosen to headline a weekend that will finally put York on the live music map. Soon to drop is ‘Attracting Flies’, the lead single from an approaching debut album and a track debuted by Zane Lowe on his show a week ago today.
If you haven’t heard already, expect noise that blends the finer elements of garage with steady bass and some post-dubstep sounds. Atop this sits Aluna’s high-pitched vocals, described before as “almost child-like”. With a strong back-catalogue and an ever-growing fanbase, it’s clear the signing of AlunaGeorge on YO1’s dotted line is a move sure to go down a storm.

Self-described as blending a mixture of “house/techno/electronic/disco/beatdown/…” (of which, naturally, the enigmatic ellipsis is the most intriguing), this Brighton-based DJ is certainly one to watch. He’ll be performing on the Circulation stage, and is famed for putting on a great show with a great deal of visual incorporation throughout his set. Having had several artistic collaborations, there’s no predicting what the setlist might contain. Whatever happens, you can be guaranteed a great show: Greymatter’s collaboration with the animator, John Malcolm-Moore, has resulted in an impressively immersive, altogether memorable experience.

Too Long To Wait? DUB LOUNGE
Playing at YO1 are a number of York’s biggest specialist club nights – Milli Vanilli, Bangers & Mash and Irie Vibes to name a few. In anticipation of May’s event, YUSU’s Derwent venue, The Courtyard, are hosting The Dub Lounge this Saturday (9th March) from 9pm til 3am. With three rooms and showcases from the biggest names in York’s local club and live music scene, it’s a steal at £2 for an advanced ticket.

Sound Good? TICKETS
Tickets can be bought right now from yo1events.co.uk, and are an absolute steal at just £20. There is, of course, the expected admin fee (it’s £2, get over it), but for a sum-total of £22 you’re getting a ridiculous amount of value. Any other information you may or may not require can be found at the same address.