The Campaign Manager Diaries: Kallum Taylor

Campaigns update, day 8!

Now then team, day number 8 and the voters certainly have not thought to wait. Such a high turnout on the opening day of voting; I hear we’re over the 2000 mark which is more so than this point last year – a positive sign for the Union I reckon. Just gotta keep that up!

Was a bit of a frantic start this morning – especially after a big one in Revs last night – but myself and the team managed to greet the harsh morning air with an inspiring enthusiasm to help me forget the fact that I really don’t do mornings!

We’ve done a little bit of everything today; putting up some more K’s, and having a bit of fun with the ‘Keep Kallum’ banner which has seen us up and down Central Hall like the Grand Old Duke of York… We’ll have to find somewhere else for that. Still, glad we’ve managed to repair the damage on it!

Best bits though have been the lecture theatre talks and the random passing chats with people on the move. They’re such good chances to engage with students and get the message across. It’s even better when you get a laugh or two as well.

Had a good shout from a student this morning too, Dominic Markham, who raised his concern about how it was sometimes hard to read the equations on the old chalkboards, because they’re not being cleaned properly in his view. Something to think about there, a small thing, but I bet this is the kind of thing that frustrates quite a few in his area!

It’s basically now all about getting the vote out, and it seems to be happening. The first day always has big numbers, and that’s been the case today…

The mood’s really upbeat, and we’re really enjoying the race for the Presidency so far. Definitely not going to take this race for granted!

Forward, York.

Kallum, X

PS: If you’ve ended up here, and not yet voted, be sure to know the drill at

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  1. You’d be interested to know that cleaning the blackboards is, in fact, one of my minor policy points!

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