The Campaign Manager Diaries: Thomas Banks

It’s Friday afternoon. Although Thomas Banks is a man of the people and would rather be campaigning on campus or trashing me at Mario Kart, we’ve had some fairly huge developments this morning. I’m Nicholas Dunn-McAfee, his campaign manager, and this is the high point of our week.

The latest campaign poster from Thomas Banks

The latest campaign poster from Thomas Banks

I’m writing this as we drive back from Manchester after several morning meetings with Segway distributors. We stopped twice for McDonalds, but even a future president has to indulge sometimes. This isn’t a Cameron or Miliband moment when they visited a Greggs to prove how in touch they were; this is just because their breakfast muffins are like the nectar of paradise.

Back on topic, the #BanksSegway is going to happen. The wheels are in motion, so to speak. I watched our 22 year old president-to-be hurtle around a factory and I can safely say they’ll be a fantastic addition to campus. Plenty of things will have to be ironed out, but soon York will be famous for having the first segway scheme at a UK university. Modern or what?!

Did you catch the polls on this very website? We’d like to thank everyone who voted Banks, but this is just the start. RON is breathing down his neck, and I’m sure most of you can’t bear the thought of someone who has put himself up for so many positions polling well. Congratulations to Kallum though, he’s a great opponent and he’ll be one of the first to try a #BanksSegway when they’re operational.

We’re just coming into York now and we’ll be hitting campus harder than the sports teams hit Wednesday nights. See you in the next few hours? It’s a date. Until next time – I’m a Banker, you’re a Banker, we’re all Bankers now.

Nicholas D-M.


  1. This guy gets better and better. I want a segway NOW.

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  2. Is Nicholas D-M a BNOC yet?

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  3. Another one soon? Comedy Gold!

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