The Campaign Manager Diaries: Kallum Taylor

Campaigns update, day 5!

One week to go until results night, we’re in full swing, bouncing about campus and feeling good!

I think the team’s found our ‘second wind’ now after some slight disappointment over some of our materials – and other candidates stuff too – getting tore down, or worse, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Today we’ve spent a lot of attention on Heslington East – again it seems to be being overlooked – but it was definitely worthwhile! It was a good chance to raise even more awareness of the campaign we’re running and also to re-asses just how much I have, or haven’t been on ‘the pulse’ of Hes East issues over this last year… Despite the wins; cashpoint, temp shop, more buses there will always be issues, ideas and concerns held by students which slip through the net.

It’s pretty tidy too, to let students know about the University’s commitment to a YUSU presence on the campus by 2015 at the latest… I’ll be honest the timing of it is pretty good for the campaign, especially with it being a policy of mine, but again it’s another sign of the Uni actually listening to YUSU again. Things are improving – and it’s decent to know that our members are at least partially satisfied with YUSU actually fighting their corner now on campaigns – not just putting on events every now and then.

Also had some quality time around the Sports Centre today; hitting up gym goers, ultimate Frisbee players and fencing! Learned a lot about the latter sports too which was interesting!
URY Candidates Interview tonight – looking forward to that. Should be a good chance to talk specifics on policy rather than say ‘more’ of this, or ‘better’ that… Hopefully they’ll get high numbers of listeners – it’s a big night for them and they do it well each time around.
As per; if you want more dibs on what we’re up to and more info on my policies, then do ‘like’ the facebook page on or follow the campaign on Twitter simply @KeepKallum.

Push the tempo!

Take care,


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