The Campaign Manager Diaries: Thomas Banks

So it’s Wednesday afternoon as I write this and I’ve just broken a world record on Summer Games on the N64. 100m sprint too. Wow, that game is good.

On a more serious note, the first few days of campaigning have been fantastic. The hustings last night (Tuesday depending on when you read this) was a great experience, and I really felt I got my policies across well.

In fact, it’s funny how politics works sometimes. A great question from the floor about a #monorail at the University led me to consider the idea of the Banks Segway. Running much like Boris Bikes in London, there will be several of these electric bad boys available across campus for you to hire for a small fee. Late to lectures will be no more, and quickly popping to Costcutter really will be quick with these in place.

I also feel I should clarify my glasses after several questions throughout the week. I went in to Specsavers last Thursday (other glasses retailers are available, but I’m already sensing some sponsorship coming from this kind of publicity with Specsavers), and asked about my new glasses that I’d ordered.

They told me that there would still be a 2 week wait on them, but they did have an alternative pair left in stock. Obviously I need my glasses, so told them to bring out this spare pair. However, I was not expecting the glasses they did bring out. I asked the man why they sold a pair with a dangling moustache and he explained that it was a promotional pair that hadn’t really sold very well.

Alas, they’re my glasses now until after the election so I have to just get on and campaign hard, get my message out there and really hit home my policies to every single student.

Until next time,

T x


  1. Can this guy get any better?!?! Love him.


  2. what a candidate. least he’s making things slightly more interesting in what could potentially be a simple landslide re-election. stephenson should look away at the poll rating! #RONFORTHIRD


  3. What a lad. Almost certainly getting second preference vote over Stephenson.


  4. Matt is now the joke.


  5. This kid is definitely getting my vote.. im far too lazy to walk to my lecture, #BanksSegway