September 2012

Four Four Too Old

Rohan Banerjee examines the abandonment of 4-4-2 in football, and how Roy Hodgson’s England can adapt in the future

The Queen’s intervention concerns more than just Abu Hamza

Hussein Kesvani analyses what we can learn from the Queen’s intervention in the case of Abu Hamza

Ryder Cup Preview: USA

Part two of Neil Johnston’s Ryder Cup preview looks at Team USA, who are looking to record what would be just a second win this century

A fresh view: leaving a small town

I’m going to be at the other end of the country, in a city that I’ve decided is right for me because I’m studying history and I like ‘old stuff’

Killing Them Softly

Ostensibly a gangster film, but one that subverts the tradition of glamourising the criminal lifestyle

Ryder Cup Preview: Europe

In part one of our Ryder Cup preview, Neil Johnston casts his eye over the European team and their chances of retaining the trophy they won at Celtic Manor

Professor Green announced as Live & Loud Headliner

Kallum Taylor, YUSU President, announced Professor Green would be the headlining act for Freshers event Live ‘n’ Loud


Laura Wade’s interpretation of Posh is masterful, encouraging us to interrogate the class consciousness that dominates our society, and the political institutions that underpin it

Much Ado about Something

There was clearly more than aesthetics at work in relocating Shakespeare’s work to Delhi, giving us a glimpse into the more ambivalent social and cultural issues at work, says Poppy Bullard

Miriam Margolyes in Dickens’ Women

Margoyles subtly creates an argument that Dickens writing is not irrelevant to our lives, but rather an epitomising crucible of life says Ben Cross

Keeping the boobs at bay

I’m sure it would make me uncomfortable if I saw my girlfriend or wife gawping at a naked picture of a man sporting weaponry equally large and malformed as Page 3 ‘beauties’ breasts

Advertising, brands, and children

Not all products are evil, but the unique psychology of young people is being exploited in the name of profit through the endless flow of advertisements and marketing