Campus food & drink

The places to wine and dine around campus

Life is like a box of chocolates in Yorkshire, especially when you can smell the fumes from the Nestle Factory down the road. Before entering a local eatery you need to know what you’re going to get, otherwise a meal’s pleasure dives into the hands of crooked chance. Here’s a suggested route around the craggy chessboard of campus.

On campus.

Highlight: Courtyard

The Courtyard is the only campus eatery that doesn’t double up as a college canteen. As such it feels the least like a mausoleum and attracts academically burdened students like bees to honey. The undisputed winner of its lunch menu is the smoked salmon wrap, which shoots a hangover and scholarly apathy down in one sitting. The coffee is cheaper than Costa and larger than V-Bar’s, and is great to take away to a study room. Best place for a sit down meal.

The rest in short
Library Café (J B Morrell Library) – Looks like a tutti fruitti box on the outside whilst containing sour, ashen faced students within. A place for hurried study breaks.
V-Bar (Vanbrugh) – A favourite society rendezvous and a good place for a communal cram before a seminar. Lovely dinner ladies.
D-Bar (Derwent) – Best value Paninis and lunch time snacks. Deathly atmosphere.
The Lounge (James) – It’s the size of a football pitch and there’s a fountain in the toilets. I’ve been there once for a battle of the bands and I’ve never been back.

Around campus.

Highlight: Browns of Heslington (Main Street)

Browns is the local deli that is famous for its £2.50 sandwiches. Each day the selection of fillings are numerous and varied. The egg and bacon is packed with enough salt to kill off any memories of the night before, and the turkey and cream cheese will always be there for its rare and select followers, for it is always the last of the selection to sell out. Avoid anything that sounds too good to be true, because it will be. Chicken and pork come in minced or flaked form. Browns is Heslington’s worst kept secret so get there early before the favourites go.

The rest in short
Charles XII (Main Street) – A cheap pub with cheap food and drink. Wine is available by the bottle to take away.
The Black Bull and The Deramore Arms (both Main Street) – a mystery to most students who spot the nearest pub (The Charles) and never look further. Go in and report back.
The Bison (Heslington Road) – A kitsch little coffee house which hosts acoustic nights of music and opens its doors after hours if you ask nicely. Run by an ex-DJ.
The Victoria (Heslington Road) – A nice pub that’ll become more useful in second year, when you need a drink to put off writing an essay.

Photo credit: George Lowther

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