Cometh the hour, cometh the Mann as late goal breaks Vanbrugh hearts

Group 3

Images: Philippa Grafton

A last minute winner from Joe Mann secured a vital win for Goodricke and inflicted a first defeat of the competition for Vanbrugh thirds.

Vanbrugh produced another performance belying their status as a thirds team, limiting their more illustrious Goodricke opponents to long balls and half-chances.

The first scoreless draw of the tournament seemed destined to occur, but for the boot of Mann, who seized his chance to tuck the ball past Kallum Taylor with a minute to spare.

The College Cup is always a passionate affair, but the final whistle saw noteworthy scenes of fury on the Vanbrugh sidelines, distraught at the referee’s decision to play for ten minutes past the allotted time to complete a full hour’s worth of play.

Controversy aside, Vanbrugh should be proud to still be facing a chance at qualification for the quarter finals of the Cup, a tremendous achievement for a thirds side.

Meanwhile, Goodricke face James seconds next week, when a win should confirm their place in the next round.

The match itself saw very few clear chances, Vanbrugh working hard all over the pitch to pressurise their higher pedigree opponents. Goodricke enjoyed a couple of free kicks, the second of which saw Matt Thomas force Kallum Taylor into a good low save.

Max Poynter-Hall attempted an ambitious lob, but Tom Neill was more than equal to the threat in the Goodricke net. Vanbrugh never looked overawed as they faced their biggest threat to date in the competition, the two sides remaining deadlocked in the centre of the park for the most part.

The second half brought similar scenes, with clear opportunities a rare luxury for the fans. It was, however, a consuming game.

Goodricke did enjoy a couple of good chances, with Sam Cottingham blazing over under pressure from the Vanbrugh keeper, whilst Jon Sharpe ran into the area before poking an effort on an open goal. Whilst the crowd waited with baited breath, the ball rolled agonisingly wide.

A goal did not seem to be forthcoming. Adam Lewis attempted to carve out a chance for Vanbrugh, but his finishing did not match his silken ball control, his weak effort barely testing Neill.

As the minutes ticked by, Goodricke found their winner, with Joe Mann on the end of route one ball to crush Vanbrugh and inspire elation from the Goodricke contingent.

The length of stoppage time will continue to be contested by irate Vanbrugh fans, who felt their side were unjustly treated.

Vanbrugh captains Mike Sutcliffe and Mark Lajca were dejected after the match, telling Nouse, “We’ve been done over there. Absolutely gutted. We’re so proud of the way the team played for the 60 minutes, we played so well, but you can’t run over the hour.”

Meanwhile, Goodricke captain Matt Thomas was realistic after the win, stating “We didn’t play our best against a strong team, but we did give 100% until the end whilst they were trying to wind the clock down. It was a lucky win, and we’ll come back stronger.”

Vanbrugh: Taylor, Lajca, Frobisher (Mason), Barnard (Howell), Habeck, Fisher, Poytner-Hall, Grout, Robinson, Priest

Man of the match: Alex Habeck

Goodricke: Neill, Bullock, Astbury, Dunk, Thomas, Lewis, Parker, Inness, Cottingham (Hammer), Sharpe, Mann

Man of the match: Joe Mann


  1. 29 May ’12 at 7:42 pm

    Respect for the officials


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  2. Best pun yet!

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  3. Really nice touch how their manager wears a suit though

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  4. 3 points here…
    1) The ref played 60 minutes – Not sure what Vanbrugh’s problem is here? If the ref would have ended the game after 45 minutes it would have been a huge anti-climax to a great game. Furthermore, I feel everyone is in agreement that if you can play the 60 minutes i.e. we are not being physically forced off by whoever has booked the pitch next, then we should do so. This ensures the majority of matches are fought out over 60 minutes, a fair competition, with only the odd game getting called early when we have no choice but to leave the pitch. Vanbrugh’s argument of “You cannot play past the hour” falls flat as everyone knows no game ever starts on the hour and finishes on the hour. Also correct me if I am wrong but, didn’t Vanbrugh 3s score against James 2s in their last group match past the hour??– they didn’t seem to mind playing by those rules then.

    2) Probably a more important point – I think it was nice to see our YUSU president elect Kallum Taylor reacting in such a dignified manner to his loss. As a student I feel thrilled to be represented, by a person who aims expletives and words such as “You’re a disgrace, get off the JLD” to a ref who is undertaking a position that most people, such as myself, wouldn’t do. Every year we struggle to get refs, how can we continue to persuade people to ref when, of all people, the YUSU president elect reacts like that?! Like I said, I’m thrilled to be represented by this clown.

    3) Banter on the side-line makes the College Cup- when it’s witty and clever. Banter on the side-line that resembles secondary school kids, is embarrassing and cringe. If you weren’t witty and clever before University you’re probably not going to be now – classic case of people trying to re-invent themselves at University in a poor way.

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  5. 30 May ’12 at 2:17 pm

    Kallum Taylor

    Firstly let me apologize for my post-match rant – it was a pretty epic match and emotions were running high. I’ve reffed a few college football matches myself and it is a thankless task. I should’ve known better and not let my emotions get the better of me. It’s probably safe to say I’d lost my head a little and to be honest, I was pretty fuming at the time.

    More to the point, I probably will lose my rag again when playing football for any team, be it Fulford or Vanbrugh, during my Presidency. Sorry if that doesn’t fit your mould. I’ll always go back and apologise though if I’m wrong – I’ve done it before and will do it again.

    I’ll say sorry to the ref in person when I see him – not because of my position though, more because it was out of order. If anyone acted like that, it would be deemed offensive.

    On your time argument, I can’t comment exactly on the game against James 2nds for timings but I don’t recall any confusion/bitterness over time after that match? James actually had at least one more play against our goal once we’d scored the winner.

    You can’t just look back at the most recent example of a late winner, in our favour, and claim that to be exactly the same because it’s mildly convenient to your point.

    On this, by the way…

    “Furthermore, I feel everyone is in agreement that if you can play the 60 minutes i.e. we are not being physically forced off by whoever has booked the pitch next, then we should do so.”

    Somebody did actually come on to the pitch to tell us to get off, I’ll assume you missed this. At the end of the day, regardless of the team that might benefit from short or long time; people pay for their time on the astroturf. There were 2 small games booked to start at 5pm.

    Great game though. College Cup at it’s best. Goodricke probably deserved the win in the end, our lads ran out of steam and it was backs to the wall for the majority of the 2nd half. Roll on next week!

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  6. I think it needs to be made clearer to referees how long games should be played for. At the end of the day, the astro is only booked from 2-5 so realistically every match should be about 55 minutes long. Some refs realise this, yet some try to play 60. If every game was 60 minutes long, the last game wouldn’t finish until at least 5:15 (probably later).

    If the astro had been booked for 5pm, this match would have ended 0-0. Whether or not the astro is booked at 5pm should never have an influence on results. It’s nonsense to say “if we can play the 60 minutes, then we should do so”; why is it fair for some games to be longer than others? It isn’t. It’s inconsistent.

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  7. As an argument i agree with you in all cases, it is vital to give each game the same amount of time and the teams given the full amount of time possible.
    In this case the match restarted at 4.34, we know this as someone asked the time in the vanburgh huddle just before the start of the second half. If a 60 minute match is what you are demanding then he should have finished a full 5 minutes earlier than he did.

    Personally (though very biased) i believe 0-0 would have been a fair result, would have represented the match very well, all players would have left the pitch feeling that it was a fair result. In reality Goodricke were slightly the better team, were clinical and played very good football at times but Van 3s showed that, yet again, they have a good team and the ability to challenge better teams.

    Kallum was out of order ranting at the ref like that at the end of the match however i believe he was making a valid point and displayed a passion that is commendable. If he brings half of that passion to his new post then it will only be beneficial to YUSU. All of the Vaburgh 3s team have a great passion and this has driven them to 4 fantastic results in this years competition.

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  8. Interesting to see fans complaining about time when there was rather a lot of time wasting. If all was fair, yes it may have finished a few minutes earlier, but there would have been at least 5 yellow cards for kicking the ball away.
    The last minute goal was ironic.
    The winging ruined a pretty impressive effort from a very strong three’s side. Again, people taking the college cup to seriously and embarrassing themselves.

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  9. Winge, winge, winge.

    I remember surveying the banks of Vanbrugh fans on the sidelines, urging the referee, who was flawless by the way, to call time on the match about 20 minutes into the second half. Seems ironic, the very same fans are venting their frustrations on here. Having wound the clock down at every opportunity, for Vanbrugh to have taken anything from this game would have been farcical.

    Passions run high in these games, but Vanbrugh caused their own downfall. Perhaps if they had concentrated on playing football they may have got a point. Probably not though.

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  10. 2 Jun ’12 at 1:08 pm

    Someone who actually watched the game

    “Perhaps if they had concentrated on playing football they may have got a point. Probably not though.”
    Are you actually serious? This was a 3rd team against a 1st team and for most of the game you couldn’t tell which one was which. Vanbrugh actually dominated the first 15 minutes of the game, and had a few decent spells later on (although Goodricke did have the better of play for most of the second half).

    Goodricke got very lucky, no doubt about that. It took them until 7 minutes past the hour to finally break through a defence which lost its most influential player early on in the second half.

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