Blueberry Pie Series. Day 8

Today we ate an all time favourite with a continental twist. Here’s the eighth day in the Blueberry Pie series

As Butch said, I’ll be back before you can say Blueberry pie. Before the holiday is over I will happily relish the good food that I get to eat each day. I will post photos and a few sentences about what I eat and drink. Considering the study set, this will be string of coffee breaks and dinners cooked by my mother. I don’t care. I’m not in York for a fortnight and that’s all that matters.
Here’s a culinary round up of my eighth day away from Yorkshire.

Day 8: Easter Monday 09/04/2012.
Weather fairly wild appetite sweet toothed. Trend: puns

I walked into the kitchen today and saw this on the work surface

Dad’s been figuring out different tile arrangements for two days now. He lays them out, takes a photo, connects the camera to the TV with a HDMI cable and then compares the layouts on the big screen in order to fully realise the visual effects. I can’t believe this.

So breakfast was super nice. Omelette, crispy smoked back bacon and cauliflower leaves on toast. It got me ready for the day and allowed me to forget about the tiles.

Then the day went along with a non-stop flow of green tea and chocolate, both cherished at an office desk whilst the sea breeze came through the drafty window. At least it’s raining, we’ll have less to pipe up about now.

The green tea helped clean my palate after each chocolate sitting. No photos of chocolate, the post would be too long.

Then it was dinner. We had a clear chicken soup. I itch to call it a consommé, but no egg white got involved.

Souper nice = 4/5.

What follows is a lower key version of my family’s celebratory meal. Today was Easter Monday, and it was raining (my father is a landscape gardener) so we had a toned down continental sushi supper. Sushi relies on really fresh, good quality fish that isn’t widely available and isn’t so nice over here, and it also isn’t to everyone’s taste. So this is a European adaptation of a Japanese classic. Ingredients:

A) Sushi rice and Nori

B) Fillings. Cucumber; pickled cauliflower leaves; smoked salmon; avocado; asparagus; chicken (unusual, not recommended for sushi. best dipped in soya sauce and wasabi)

B1) Other fillings, extras. Spinach; Salad leaves; marinated prawns

C) Condiments. Soya sauce; wasabi paste; chilli shichimi; dipping dish

= ready to roll.


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  1. 11 Apr ’12 at 4:44 pm

    Rose Troup-Buchanan

    I wish to see the other possible tile arrangements your father is considering.

    The food looks good too.