Blueberry Pie Series. Day 5 & 6

In this two day roundup comes a tale of drunk loners, early hour elevenses and the exploits of successful individuals

As Butch said, I’ll be back before you can say Blueberry pie. Before the holiday is over I will happily relish the good food that I get to eat each day. I will post photos and a few sentences about what I eat and drink. Considering the study set, this will be string of coffee breaks and dinners cooked by my mother. I don’t care. I’m not in York for a fortnight and that’s all that matters.
Here’s a culinary round up of my fifth and sixth day away from Yorkshire.

Day 5: Good Friday 06/04/2012.
Weather cold appetite average. Trend: Superb individuals

Today was unbelievably funny. I’ll start with the more sober discussion of my supper.

Dinner was haddock cooked in tarragon, tomatoes and white wine. Tarragon is unreal, and underused. If you’re having chicken breast, try cooking a tarragon sauce with sliced onions, tarragon and double cream.

Here’s one of my favourite sides. This is raw spinach flavoured with hot garlic oil and soya sauce. This goes with anything, Pork especially. Wash your spinach leaves, heat up some olive oil, throw in a garlic clove until it goes golden, and then pour it over the spinach. Add soya sauce too.

The other side that we had was carrots and cauliflower leaves. The cauliflower leaves were the best part of the meal, and they’re the best part of the cauliflower. Something makes me think that they’re rich in iron. Here’s how to cook them.
1. Fry the leaves in sesame oil until cooked. 2. Add a drop of elderflower cordial and fry a little longer. 3. Take off the heat, add a little soya sauce, then coat in sesame seeds.

Then, we had the first strawberries of the year.

Not going to lie, they were pretty woody. 3/5.

Then I went out. I was going to a gig opposite The Prince Albert, which is a very nice pub near Brighton Train Station. I had a small glass of Pinot Grigio which racked up to £3.70. It was alright. 2.5/5

The Prince Albert is a pretty place. There’s a huge hole in the wall behind the bar which spills into the next room.

Then we went to the gig at Green Door Store. Apparently you can hear whoever’s playing if your train is pulling into the station. This bar was expensive, so I had to resort to pints of San Miguel from plastic cups. Obviously, like a Mars Bar a San Miguel is a San Miguel wherever you go. That’s why lager is boring.

So this is where things get funny. We noticed a man near the front of the venue who was fairly tall, probably well above six foot. He’s stood in a very visible corner of the room, right below the banner for the gig night. I cannot stress this more, he is the furthest into inebriation that any of us have witnessed for time. He’s holding onto this bar fixed in the wall, chugging a bottle of Desperados whilst clinging onto this bar like a rock star.

Then something changes. During Breton he launches himself into the crowd, rock and rolling and throwing shapes like nothing I’ve seen. It was like switching from watching a true to life rendition of The Verve’s greatest hit to seeing the guy take it out on the dancefloor at a Datarock party. He maneuvered himself around the crowd like a real gangway clearing expert.

Dedication to drink = 5/5.

Drum roll please. I then find out that my friend has won a baking competition, winning himself an iPad and a job at the Hotel du Vin. He made a blueberry and lavender cake to clinch the prize. Congratulations Aaron Bibby, I knew you had it in you! Here is the man himself >>>

Check the caption, and check the runner up’s face

Poor kid.

Onto early hour elevenses. We dropped by Budgens on our way back for my friend Louis’s road meal.

Whilst we were there, we came across a huge stack of what looks like edible polystyrene. Who eats this? 0/5

He chose a frappuccino, monster munch and a chicken and ham pie.

The pie was warm, and I think it was enjoyed.

I waited until I got through the house door for my meal. My snack was a real convoluted piece of artistry on a Ryvita slab. Avocado, ham, salad, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, and soya sauce, ryvita.

Day 6: Saturday 07/04/2012.
Weather similar to day before appetite ravenous. Trend: Recuperation

Breakfast was replaced by a left over brunch. I heated up some of the left over haddock and crushed some potatoes into the white wine sauce. Ate with bread. I don’t believe that this was acceptable.

I followed this by a hot cross bun with gooseberry jam, which I had previously slated a few posts back. Circumstances change opinions.

My mother has bought nice things for Easter, I think she was hungry when she did a shop. One of the pleasant surprises was a bowl of mixed nuts. I ate a disproportionate number of pistachios because I’m brutal and miserly.

Dinner was heaven. Started off with Kabocha soup, which is the ultimate soup. To make this, cut up a kabocha pumpkin into chunks and steam until soft. Puree in a blender. Reheat with salt and milk. Usually it’s a nice orange colour, but we kept the outer skin in this time hence the greenish colour. Tastes different with the skin, and the skin of vegetables are good for you. No stock necessary. Serve with double cream.


For main we had garlic chicken with leeks and carrots. First fried then stuck in the oven. Real spring meal.

Then grapes.