Blueberry Pie Series. Day 3

Chicken, coffee, chocolate fondue and crass condiments; here’s my third post in the Blueberry Pie series

As Butch said, I’ll be back before you can say Blueberry pie. Before the holiday is over I will happily relish the good food that I get to eat each day. I will post photos and a few sentences about what I eat and drink. Considering the study set, this will be string of coffee breaks and dinners cooked by my mother. I don’t care. I’m not in York for a fortnight and that’s all that matters.
Here’s my third post in a string of daily updates on what I’m eating whilst away from Yorkshire.

Day 3: Wednesday 04/04/2012.
Weather fine appetite alright Trend: The letter C

I’ve started to heat the milk to put in my coffee now. That’s how you’re meant to do it right.

Everything today starts with the letter C. Let’s carry on with the courgette.

Courgette is currently out of season. It was fried with mushrooms, flavoured with lemon and soya sauce. For flavour, these were cooked in the pan after the chicken.

Apologies, the chicken breast looks a little odd from this angle. Then again, MacDonalds didn’t make it in their three shapes only chicken nugget machine.
The joux was made by pouring white wine into the grill pan to absorb the chicken flavours.

Onto the chocolate fondue. This ceramic set melts the chocolate with the power of one tea light. Cooking chocolate of 72% min cocoa solids was used. I dipped in slices of banana.

I’m always astounded by The Apprentice. Eyes get bluer (allegorical) and definitely more vapid as each year goes on. I’d like their next challenge to involve creating a map.
Chocolate goes well with chilli,

but not well with Nick Hewer.


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