March 2012

Three’s A Crowd

Yorkshire Voices was a wonderful showcase of the vast arrays of talent the North has to offer

Talented field leaves Masters wide open

Neil Johnston casts his eye over the contenders for golf’s first major of the year

Cup magic lives on, but league still takes priority

Dan Holland gives his take on the value of the FA Cup ahead of next week’s semi-finals and asks whether it can ever take priority over the Premier League

‘Cash for Cameron’ shows need for reform

The ‘Cash for Cameron’ scandal has shown the need for party funding reform, Alex Osborne argues; perhaps the taxpayer should pay for political parties

Plus Size Models: is bigger better?

On November 17th 2010 Isabelle Caro drew her last breath. As with the numerous size zero models before her, her demise swung the media spotlight onto the fashion industry and its unrealistic depiction of how women should aspire to look

MA Shakespeare in Education, at the Shakespeare Institute

Laura Nicklin discusses why she chose an MA at the Shakespeare Institute over a PGCE at York in her quest to become an English teacher

Pint sized politics

As a BA student and as such a borderline alcoholic myself, I figure I’m well poised to offer comment on the nightmare that Pandora’s little red box has unleashed upon those partial to a cheeky beverage (or ten)

University hosts British Orienteering Championships

Last weekend saw York host two of the major events this year in the British Orienteering series, to determine the British elite sprint champion and middle distance champion

Cruddas and the other ‘c’ word

Why, when it is politically unpopular, when you have a massive deficit to fill, and when you are cutting deep into the heart of national services, would you give a further tax break to the section of the population that are not only the most well-off but also have been hurt the least by the financial crisis of the past five years? Because they are the bankroll of the conservative party; because they pay to have their voices heard above all others

The rebirth of North East football

Rohan Banerjee examines the unexpected rise in fortunes of the North East’s premier sides

Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent is back on our screens, and this Nouse blog is here to bring you the gossip, the stories, and the drama – from my sofa, to yours

Abortion in the Republic a privilege of the rich

Yet again, that ugly question has reared its head; what should we do with Ireland? This time, however, the ‘Irish Question’ encircles not militant activity and the struggle for independence, but plain old rights and morals. More specifically, it focuses on abortion, and whether the Irish standpoint on this issue is ‘right’