Men’s lacrosse take Varsity points


Images: Philippa Grafton

The men’s lacrosse team put on a cohesive and fiery display this Sunday at Varsity, winning 5-2 against a Hull team previously undefeated this season.

The first quarter was dominated by York, with a storming series of rallies culminating in a quick goal from Chris Menon. However, play appeared languid with Hull not really looking to be putting the effort in, as demonstrated by York’s strong control of possession.

Hull appeared reinvigorated in the second half and play became progressively rougher, with a number of increasingly violent tackles.

Despite this York held together well as a team, concentrating more on defence and clearly keeping the Hull side unsettled.

Unfortunately they were unable to prevent Hull scoring their first goal of the match, but this was quickly readdressed by two goals from Menon, the second being superbly facilitated by a take from Joe Tebutt.

The passion of the York players was only occasionally offset by the steady determination of Hull. This determination, although resulting in more possession of the ball, failed to crystallise into determining the outcome of the match.

This style of play continued into the third quarter, with Hull relaying the ball around the pitch and showing a great deal of potential to dominate the game.

This never materialised, and York’s passionate pursuit of the ball translated into the third goal of the match, again by Menon. A brilliant example of team communication set this goal up, as Menon and William Chun in particular worked together in order to beat the Hull defence.

Emblematic of the match was Andy Yip’s sweeping tackle, which resulted in the Hull player dropping his stick, and confusion generally reigning amongst the Hull players as the ball was swiftly relayed down the pitch.

On paper Hull should have walked this match. But perhaps their previous successes lead them to fatal overconfidence, manifested in tepid play which failed to counter the enthusiasm of the York side.

The team looked to be playing as one, and their vocal support of each other was testament to the strong bond they have clearly created as a team. The final score, 5-2 to York, was a deserved achievement to the commitment displayed on the field.

Seb Swenson, York Captain, commented on his utter delight with the team’s effort saying: “This has been a great game.”


  1. A quality read- great reporting :)

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  2. 4 Mar ’12 at 5:26 pm

    Unbiased report

    Firstly in Lacrosse a tackle is called a check.

    Secondly, I find the quality of this reporting to be extremely low. No mention was given to Hull only having 10 players, one of whom had never played before.

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