York secure narrow trampolining victory


Images: Andy Davis

York gained three points for Varsity after a close contest in the trampolining. Although Hull won the novice category, wins in the intermediate and advanced classes helped York achieve victory.

The competition began with the novice class and despite some good performances Hull came out on top in that category. Imogen Broadfoot helped Hull take the advantage scoring 46.1 with York’s Emma Holden only 0.2 behind. Jake Burgess finished third on 44.2 points.

Trailing after the first class York upped their game in the intermediate category. Sarah Elliot won the class for York with 46.3 points while Daisy Pickles finished third on 45.6 points. This left York with a slim advantage going into the inter-advanced where Michelle Jenks won the class with a score of 46.8.

The competition was close going into the advanced class, so York needed to put in a good performance to ensure they achieved victory.

After some great moves in the air, York’s Rebecca Peddle won the class with 53.5 points. The home side also too second place with Katie Birmingham scoring 48.5 points while Hull’s Amy Pede finished third on 47.8 points.

Although York had individual winners, the complicated scoring system meant there was a nervous wait before the winner was declared. In the end York were successful with 45.97 points compared to Hull’s 45.2.

York Trampolining President Rebecca Pedley commented on York’s win saying, “It was a very close competition. Both York and Hull competed very well.”

She added, “It was just by the skin of our teeth that we won. I’m really impressed with some people like Emma Houlden because they haven’t competed before and it’s their first chance at doing a competition. It always good to compete against other universities and get a feel for how the competition is. It’s a good warm up for Roses where it’s an even bigger competition.”