RAG Week commences with ‘Lost’ challenge

James College

James College

Rag week starts on Friday, beginning with the ‘Lost’ challenge. From Wednesday there will be a range of events, each raising money for a number of chosen charities.

The ‘Lost’ event challenges students to hitch-hike back to the University after being driven to a random location at 4 a.m. 50 students are taking part.

Jamie Criswell, a third-year student, is one of those involved and said that: “I’m nervous and excited to see where they drop us off.”
RAG Week will officially commence at quarter past midday on Wednesday at Vanbrugh Paradise. A representative from one of the chosen charities will be present to give a speech.

The charities selected are Martin House Children’s Hospice, Refugee Action York, Alzheimer’s Society, Teenage Cancer Trust and War Child, alongside the Student Union’s own volunteering projects in the local community.

Events will include Blagathon, which last year raised £1,500, and RAG ‘Take Me Out’. The week will culminate in the RAG Parade through the city centre.

The RAG Parade is seen as the pinnacle of the week. Involving 500 students and live music throughout the city centre, colleges compete to raise the most money whilst marching into town.

Baxter Willis, YUSU RAG Officer, commented on the huge effort made each year by volunteers, and expressed his excitement for the coming week.

Last year RAG Week raised over £7, 500, making it the most successful to date. In total £40,000 was raised by RAG for charity in 2011.