January 2012

The Race returns

Welcome back to The Race, reborn and revitalised in all its controversial and gossip-mongering glory. Some may even call it the Phoenix of all blogs, rising again from the ashes of YUSU censorship – nothing like a pretentious analogy to get our election juices flowing

PDF Archive: 31st January 2012

The PDF copies from Nouse 31st January 2012

Emerging disparity between University employee salaries

The divide between the highest and lowest paid employees at the University has been growing over the last six years as the Vice-Chancellor has seen a 10 per cent greater increase in his salary compared to the lowest paid workers at the University of York

Letting signs make students target to thieves

Students have raised concerns that letting signs and the information published on the letting agents’ websites are risking their safety, in areas already susceptible to crime

Archbishop of York criticised for “homophobic rhetoric”

YUSU have published an open letter condemning Dr. John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, after he stated that ministers should not overrule tradition on the issue of same-sex marriages. In the open letter, YUSU stated the views of Sentamu were “extremely disappointing.”

YUSU accused of profiting from ‘lads’ mags’

The issue of whether selling and displaying ‘lads’ mags’ in YUSU-run Your Shop is acceptable, has been brought into contention…

£250,000 Computer Science robotics laboratory unveiled

The Department of Computer Science celebrated the official opening of its new £250,000 robotics laboratory on the Heslington East campus last Wednesday

University sees sustainability as just “eco-bling”

One of the main aims of the University’s long-term plan has been criticised by an Emeritus Professor for Sociology in a study comparing the University’s sustainability credentials

Proposal to streamline all society elections provokes critical reaction

Societies have reacted negatively to YUSU plans to streamline elections. The proposals discussed, last week, at the Student Development Assembly have been heavily criticised and were branded “unrealistic” by one society chair

York heads influence on Twitter table

In a 2011 survey of the top UK universities’ Twitter usage York maintained its first place position for the second year running. Close behind in the rankings were the universities of Edinburgh, Warwick and Birmingham

Nudity to be shown in Fusion once again

Fusion’s production this term is expected to be “controversial” because of its topics of homosexuality, gender, equality, as well as a nude scene being incorporated

Turnitin does little to tackle plagiarism

A recent study has found that the Turnitin software, used by the University, has little effect on the extent to which students are willing to plagiarise